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The rate of absorption is increased when the barbiturate is formulated as a liquid, when the stomach is empty and when alcohol is ingested concurrently. Cover tip of transillumination light with sterile, clear plastic bag for use after skin preparation. Numerous surgical options exist or correction o hallux valgus in the ore oot, including arthrodesis and arthroplasty, as well as primarily arthrodesis or re ractory hind oot pain. In India, greenish discoloration of the abdomen over the caecum and the flanks appears in about 12-24 h after death. Although several studies have provided some evidence that disc degeneration usually precedes facet joint osteoarthritis, the grade of disc degeneration did not correlate with those of the facet joint. Any hemorrhage or fracture is noted in the muscle around the cricoid, laminae of the thyroid cartilage and superior horns. Only few biomechanical and no highquality clinical studies are currently available. Esophagus (1) Submucosal, remaining within mediastinum (2) Complete into thorax (3) Symptoms can mimic esophageal atresia or tracheoesophageal fistula (13) (4) Chylothorax or pneumothorax (25) c. Capillary hemorrhage in anoxia, arterial thrombosis, blood dyscrasias, fat embolism and asphyxial states. Environmental factors have only modest effects on disc degeneration Abnormal mechanical loads contribute secondarily to disc degeneration the Cartilage Endplate Normal Anatomy and Composition A morphological distinction of the disc and bone interface is the thin cartilage endplate. During the second half of the 19th century, research focused on the spinal osseous changes in patients suffering from scoliosis. Forensic evidence should be collected as soon as possible during the process of examination. Lilliputian hallucination (micropsia): Visual sensation that persons or objects are reduced in size; more properly regarded as an illusion. Similarly, a subset o patients previously diagnosed as having primary sclerosing cholangitis was known to respond well to glucocorticoids, in 196 contrast to the majority o patients with that diagnosis. Pain and sti ness, with less prominent swelling (primarily o the hands but also o the knees, wrists, and ankles), usually resolve within weeks, although a small proportion o patients develop chronic arthropathy. Lucid Interval Definition: It is a period in insanity during which all the signs and symptoms of insanity disappear, and behavior is like that of a normal person. It presents as a dif use pain syndrome with associated neuropsychological symptoms including depression, anxiety, atigue, cognitive dys unction, and disturbed sleep. Consider using protective skin preparation in small premature infants to prevent skin trauma upon removal of tape or dressing. Do not routinely apply prophylactic topical antimicrobial or antiseptic ointment at the insertion site because of the potential for promoting fungal infections and antimicrobial resistance (2). Evidence of medical procedures (if any) is recorded including fasciotomies/escharotomies. Neonatal resuscitation: 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. If the head impacts against the windshield, the victim does not sustain severe cuts from the fragments of glass which used to happen when it A B. Unlike ethanol or isopropanol, methanol does not cause much of an inebriated state. It is common in 3-6 months old children when they start to move to the corners of beds and cribs, but they do not have the muscle development to free themselves out of a wedged position. Translaminar and Transarticular Screw Technique Extrapedicular screw placement in the thoracic spine is safe and reliable Lateral extrapedicular screw positioning is safe and biomechanically advantageous in the thoracic spine Transarticular screws were first used by D. Where brother and sister have been separated in childhood and meet later as strangers. Blood samples are preserved (to distinguish between human, bovine and porcine insulin and detect adjuvants such as zinc which assists in tracing the origin of the extrinsic insulin). Patients experience the sudden onset o pain, tenderness, and swelling o the cartilaginous portion o the ear. Many of these weapons leave a characteristic patterned bruising (including tramline bruising, finger grip or slap mark) on the skin.

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The two varieties of modified decomposition are known as adipocere and mummification (Diff. Molecular mimicry between microbial proteins and host tissues has been reported in type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and multiple sclerosis (able 1). A commercially available blunt needle adapter may be inserted and fixed in a similar manner. Plated shot: It is coated with a thin coat of copper or nickel to minimize distortion on firing-maintains good aerodynamic shape and increase the range. The treatment approach or cranial and large-vessel disease in giant cell arteritis is currently the same. Musculoskeletal disorders in elderly patients are o en not diagnosed because the signs and symptoms may be insidious, overlooked, or overshadowed by comorbidities. But to obtain information from suspected terrorists by using torture methods to save innocent civilians, is debatable. Failure to collect, destruction or loss of such an exhibit is punishable under Sec. Migratory polyarthritis and ever constitute the usual presentation o acute rheumatic ever in adults (Chap. Introduction of improvised drugs, devices, techniques and previous experience have also contributed to safety during anesthesia. Most often, if the tube does not cross the pylorus within the first 30 minutes after passage, it is unlikely to pass in the next few hours, and it may be better to restart the procedure. In contrast, fetal and infantile discs contain small nerve structures adjacent to vessels also in central portions of the disc, i. Some patients have disease that is marked by the appearance and then resolution or temporary improvement in symptoms within a particular organ. Abrasions may preserve patterns well, especially if the force is applied perpendicular to the skin surface. Cavitation in solid organs, like liver, kidney and spleen is often fatal, but in the bones, it creates secondary missiles. I a patient is seen during his or her rst attack, the di erential diagnosis may be broad, although delimited by the speci c organ involvement. Most effective within 1 hour; may be used up to 12 hours after the extraversation. There may be presence of blood, seminal stains, venereal disease and foreign hair. In fact, in the cases, wherein results of such tests were positive, but were not supported by other oral or documentary evidences, the subjects in those cases have been acquitted of the charges against them. Of note, Hippocrates did not differentiate between symptoms caused by spinal and femoral problems. Abrasions on the victim may show whether the fingernails of assailant were long, irregular or broken. The latter changes are similar to those observed in patients with di use idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis. Once blood sample is drawn, the register of patient identities should be kept separate and samples identified only with a code number. A fall on the outstretched hand will cause Colles fracture (fracture of the distal end of radius). Exercises are likely to be e ective, especially i they train muscles or the activities a person per orms daily. Tannic acid (4%) in the form of strong tea precipitates alkaloids, lead, silver, aluminum, cobalt and copper. This lubrication unction depends on hyaluronic acid and on lubricin, a mucinous glycoprotein secreted by synovial broblasts whose concentration diminishes a er joint injury and in the ace o synovial in ammation. The lateral film was negative, therefore excluding a cystic pulmonary lesion or air in the pulmonary ligament. There is a pit present in front of the nose (compare to soft point bullet, which has exposed lead, but no hollow).

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A combined posterior and anterior approach is used to reduce and stabilize severely comminuted vertebral body fractures and to decompress the spinal canal. However, at least 3 mL of flush solution is necessary to flush all parts of a stopcock. Swelling and engorgement of the vulva at the introitus, clitoris and labia minora are caused by penile stimulation, but they may be caused by digital stimulation or masturbation. This is minimized by connecting the external end of the tube to a syringe filled with water; confirmation of placement is done by instillating water rather than air or by withdrawing gastric contents. Action: They prolong the inactivation of the sodium channel by binding it in the open state. Angulation, rotation and compression fracture causes fracture with a triangular butterfly fragment. As noted above, the chest roentgenogram classi es involvement into our stages, with stages 1 and 2 having hilar and paratracheal adenopathy. The most common clinical eatures are purpura, recurrent urticaria, skin ulcerations, glomerulonephritis, and mononeuritis multiplex. Signs and symptoms: It is characterized by marked restlessness, tremors, hypertension, seizures and in severe cases, a psychosis resembling delirium tremens. The most speci c ndings involve loss o spinal mobility, with limitation o anterior and lateral exion and extension o the lumbar spine and o chest expansion. Strain is expressed as a change in size and/or shape relative to the original undeformed state. In the presence of uncorrected bleeding diathesis, potential risks and benefits must be considered. With long continued exposure, there may be nausea, vomiting and blistering of skin. Complications o systemic and intraorbital glucocorticoid therapy include cataracts (common) and glaucoma. Central venous catheters have significant risks of complications and must not be used when peripheral venous access is possible and adequate. Head injuries: All types of brain hemorrhages- subarachnoid, subdural, epidural and intracerebral, and brain contusion as well as severe disruption and complete or partial loss of brain structures may be seen. Support of the anterior column reduced fixator loads postoperatively while later healing of the fusion very often did not. Multiple-puncture technique (11): In infants who develop tense swelling of the site with blanching of the skin owing to infiltration of acidic or hyperosmolar solutions, multiple punctures of the edematous area using a blood-drawing stylet (and strict aseptic technique) has been used to allow free drainage of the infiltrating solution, decrease the swelling, and prevent necrosis. The pathologic sine qua non o disease is hyaline articular cartilage loss, present in a ocal and, initially, nonuni orm manner. Commonly, af ected joints include the cervical and lumbosacral spine, hip, knee, and rst metatarsal phalangeal joint (M P). The presence of a cardiac pacemaker must be recorded, especially if it is one which might contain a radioactive substance. Further improvements were made by Sir James Simpson, an English gynecologist and obstetrician, who introduced chloroform as a narcotizing agent after a large series of heroic self-experiments. This is the origin of the term onanism (The Sin of Onan) which is incorrectly used in place of masturbation. Effects on liver: Acute or chronic degeneration leading to dyspepsia, anorexia, emaciation, general weakness and foul breath. Depress anterior portion of tongue with forefinger and stabilize head with free fingers. Age-Related Changes in Vascularization and Innervation the disc is the largest avascular structure of the human body Vascular changes in the endplate play a key role in the nutritional supply Calcification of the endplates and occlusion of the vascular channels are detrimental to the disc Although there is still some debate over the presence of blood vessels and nerve endings in the inner portions of pathologic discs, there is consensus that the healthy adult disc is the largest avascular and aneural tissue in the human body [61, 88]. The decrease in blood vessels [17] is paralleled by:) an increase in cartilage disorganization) a decrease in endplate cell density) cartilage cracks) microfractures Endplate calcification/ ossification obstructs nutritional pathways these changes, especially the loss of blood vessels, can cause nutritional consequences for the intervertebral disc. Deprivation technique: Deprivation of sleep, food or water, deprivation of use of toilet, sanitary napkins, shower or change of clothes, or prohibition of eye contact and talk (social deprivation) are some of the methods. Autoloading pistols are semi-automatic wherein the empty cartridge is ejected after firing.

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If the artery is accidentally transected and if the catheter insertion is unsuccessful, tie off the caudal end of the artery to prevent hemorrhage. Needle aspiration o readily accessible joints such as the knee may be adequate i loculations or particulate matter in the joint does not prevent its thorough decompression. The vertebral level of termination of the spinal cord during normal and abnormal development. Un ortunately, many patients are unwilling to wear a realigning knee brace; in addition, in patients with obese legs, braces may slip with usage and lose their realigning e ect. If signs of cellulitis are present, remove the cannula and send the cannula tip for culture. Age-related changes of collagen are predominantly qualitative Aggrecan loss significantly compromises biomechanical properties 104 Section Basic Science Disc collagens are degraded by various matrix metalloproteinases the observed changes in the molecular composition of the disc matrix are mainly due to degradation of the existing matrix components and synthesis of new matrix components. Repetitive blood draws (catheters are not usually inserted primarily for this indication in neonates; only larger-lumen catheters may be used for blood draws without risk of clotting). Irreversible cessation of respiration: Complete stoppage of respiration for > 4 min usually causes death. Clinical Information A detailed history and exam is important, particularly if a geneticist has been unable to see the infant (3,11). In the lumbar spine, progression o the disease leads to straightening, caused by loss o lordosis, and reactive sclerosis, caused by osteitis o the anterior corners o the vertebral bodies with subsequent erosion, leading to "squaring" or even "barreling" o one or more vertebral bodies. It was used as a depilatory in the treatment of ringworm of scalp, for removing the superfluous hair, as constituent of some proprietary depilatory creams, in fireworks and as a rodenticide and insecticide. Garlicky odor from the mouth and on opening the stomach may be observed in case of zinc phosphide poisoning. An 18-year-old male presented with acute onset descending paralysis and blurring of vision of 3 days duration. The pancreas may be injured by compression forces usually where it overlies the second lumbar vertebra. Later, a dull pain is felt in the loins, desire to micturate, but urine is scanty and bloodstained. Mechanism of Discharge of Projectile A firearm is fired when the trigger is pulled. I at r ogeni c pneumothorax may occur by external cardiac massage, percutaneously introduced subclavian catheters and continuous ventilatory support. Lewandrowski, Amudha Palanisamy, and Scott Fink to this chapter in previous editions are grate ully acknowledged. Age-Related Changes of the Spine Chapter 4 95 the Intervertebral Disc and Cartilage Endplate the intervertebral discs are located between the vertebral bodies. Mode of death: In case of sudden death in a healthy individual, the body tends to cool slowly, whereas in death due to long and wasting illness, the body cools rapidly. The victim should be identified by the escorting police constable, whose name and number should be recorded and by the relatives or the attendants accompanying her. Uranism the pervert gets sexual gratification by fingering, fondling or licking (homosexuality in males). Therefore, appropriate precautions should be taken, such as covering the probe with a relatively opaque material (1). Changes in stomach and intestines: Live born infant swallows air into the stomach during respiration, and if present in small intestine it further confirms live birth. It is a state of mere flooding of lungs with the airless water and no formation of froth. Synovectomy-open or arthroscopic-may be attempted in patients with chronic symptomatic synovial proli eration and recurrent hemarthrosis, although hypertrophied synovium is highly vascular and subject to bleeding. Blood analysis is the preferred method of detection for interpretation of acute effects. It is possible that the increased concentrations o IgG4 in serum and IgG4bearing plasma cells in tissue are merely the result o other e ector pathways, such as H2/ reg cytokines, that are more central to the in ammation and tissue damage. Therefore, he developed a swing suspension by head and armpits known as the "English swing" or "Glisson swing".

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  • Urban Schosser Spohn syndrome
  • Deafness progressive cataract autosomal dominant
  • Enchondromatosis dwarfism calfness
  • Noble Bass Sherman syndrome
  • Microcephaly
  • Wagner Stickler syndrome
  • Chromosome 18 long arm deletion syndrome
  • Uveal diseases
  • Palmoplantar porokeratosis of Mantoux

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Consult institution laboratory for guidance on blood gas sample storage and transport. The load is transferred through a combination of compressive or tensile loading along the length of the implant and bending or torsion. One or two additional doses may be given at 1-2 h intervals to ensure adequate gut decontamination. Natalizumab is a humanized IgG antibody against an a4 integrin that inhibits leukocyte migration into tissues and has been approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis in the United States. Although most patients receive glucocorticoids as their initial systemic therapy, toxicity associated with prolonged therapy o en leads to steroid-sparing alternatives. It is noninvasive, easy to use, readily available, and able to provide continuous monitoring of arterial oxygen saturations and heart rate. Hyalinization of membranes, more of collagen and of same thickness as dura on arachnoid side. In male, it is inability to make a female conceive, and in females, it is inability to conceive children. Gradually, in 3-4 h, the small patches increase in size and coalesce with each other to form uniformly stained large areas. The head may be crushed causing gross distortion and externalization of the brain or severe injuries may occur to the chest, pelvis or abdomen. Psychological: In males, psychological factors lead to non-erection (passive), but in females it is active in nature. Use o special media or unusual pathogens such as ungi, atypical mycobacteria, and Mycoplasma may be necessary i routine and anaerobic cultures are negative. Dilation of heart, hemorrhages in the pleura, edema and congestion of the liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs may be seen. Spontaneous improvement, sometimes leading to clinical resolution o certain organ system mani estations, is reported in a small percentage o patients. Cholestyramine (non-absorbable bile acid binding anion exchange resin which increases the fecal excretion of organochlorines) is given in a dose of 16 g/day in divided doses for few days. Kinematics studies have shown that both types successfully reestablish almost the physiological range of motion. Possible teratogenicity when used for hand washing by a pregnant staff member (18) 3. The pain usually appears a er work or recreational activities involving repeated motions o wrist extension and supination against resistance. Reading should be made at intervals, in order to obtain the rate of fall of temperature. Over ensuing years, usually as a result o recurrent episodes, lea et thickening, scarring, calci cation, and valvular stenosis may develop. Miscellaneous: It includes poisons having widely different pharmacological actions. This prevents confusion, if subsequently the patient dies and an autopsy is performed. Another concern regarding the cervical spine, with its inherent mobility and relatively low compressive forces, is delayed or non-union (pseudarthrosis) due to possible stress shielding of the graft. Adults can be throttled when under the influence of drugs/drinks or stunned or taken unaware. To do so, the parents or guardians must have the right to make decisions in the first place and must be legally and medically competent to decide to delegate their rights. Among age-related alterations of the spine, the so-called "degenerating spondylosis" or spinal osteoarthritis is the most common and is probably inevitable with increasing age. Grasp catheter gently with blunt nontoothed tissue forceps, introduce catheter tip, and insert into the vein. Subluxation or dislocation, which may be secondary to traumatic, mechanical, or in ammatory causes, can be assessed by inspection and palpation. It may also occur from food being contaminated with verdigris from dirty copper vessels. As with other total joint prostheses, the stability of the prosthesis and the motion segment likely depends on well balanced ligaments and surrounding soft tissues. A complete list of all the bones sent for examination should be prepared, and Obscure and Negative Autopsy Obscure autopsy: In about 20% of all postmortem examination cases, the cause of death may not be clear at the time of dissection of the body and there are minimal or indeterminate findings or even no positive findings at all.

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The inspection of the vaginal mucosa may also indicate a deficiency of estrogens or the presence of infection. After approximately 10 minutes with infant remaining on right side, gently aspirate through transpyloric tube. Although this can be observed in association with a variety o underlying disorders including multiple myeloma, lymphoproli erative disorders, connective tissue diseases, in ection, and liver disease, in many instances it appears to be idiopathic. Furthermore, the addition of neutralizing agents could increase the potential for a consequential exothermic reaction and/or gas production. Here, for example after discectomy, stand-alone interbody cages or structural autologous bone grafts successfully reestablish physiological stability, which nevertheless results in an approximately 100 % fusion rate [37, 83]. The sometimes difficult question of pneumothorax versus pneumomediastinum is answered by the decubitus films. I the biopsy reveals granulomas, an alternative diagnosis such as in ection or malignancy must be excluded. Between 1st and 2nd part A 25 years female was found dead in room having 100% burns with tongue protruding out, body in pugilistic attitude, heat ruptures, peeling of skin, and heat hematoma and heat fractures of skull. The syndrome a ects young males and emales rom the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, and the Far East, suggesting a link with the ancient Silk Route. A er the patient has been evaluated thoroughly, repeat testing is discouraged unless the symptom complex changes. Draining excess air from the stomach (1) Pass an orogastric tube and aspirate the stomach contents. The disease usually begins in the second or third decade; male-to- emale prevalence is between 2:1 and 3:1. Gettler test: Normally the chloride content of the right and left side of heart is nearly same, about 600 mg/ 100 ml. If readings are still questionable after repeating the cycle, reposition the cuff and repeat the measurement. Other patients accumulate new organ involvement as their disease persists in previously a ected organs. The subject is shown stimuli consisting of sounds, words, phrases or pictures on a computer screen. Airway obstruction can be due to large airway stenosis, which can become brotic and unresponsive to anti-in ammatory therapy. The edges are everted, torn or puckered with pieces of contused, hemorrhagic subcutaneous fat or muscle protruding out of the defect. The vagina and uterus are opened along their anterior surface because injuries are more likely to occur on the posterior vaginal wall following criminal interference. Luminol (3-aminophthal-hydrazide) gives blue-white to yellowish-green glow which indicates presence of blood. A knowledge o topographic anatomy is necessary to identi y the primary site(s) o involvement and di erentiate articular rom nonarticular disorders. The catheter material, catheter size, and tonicity of the infusate also influence the incidence of phlebitis. Although this patient demonstrates pain at several tender points, the American College o Rheumatology no longer includes tender point assessment in the diagnostic criteria or 333 bromyalgia. There appears to be a different course which is characterized by a severe sclerosis of the endplate with complete collapse of the intervertebral discs. The body is exhumed under the supervision of a medical officer and Magistrate, in the presence of a police officer. Nonautomated (manual) stylet-type lancets and spring-loaded needle-puncture devices designed for adult glucose testing are not appropriate for infants (7). The ormer resemble acute bacterial enteritis, with largely intact architecture and neutrophilic in ltration in the lamina propria. In addition, the shape of oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve is altered, aggravating cellular hypoxia. Because the misdiagnosis o connective tissue disorders is common, patients who present with a reported preexisting rheumatic condition. Management: Treatment of torture victims might require expertise and often specialized experience.

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Viability of infant: It means physical ability of fetus to lead a separate existence after birth, apart from its mother by virtue of a certain degree of development which depends on biological, physiological and extrinsic factors. Typical embalming fluid contains a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, phenol, glycerin, oil of wintergreen (eucalyptus oil), eosin and water. At this stage, a radiolucent area may be observed between the new periosteal bone and the subjacent cortex. Rates o in ection are particularly high among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, persons who have undergone previous surgery on the joint, and persons with medical conditions requiring immunosuppressive therapy. For these reasons, a single dose only is recommended if other agents are not appropriate or available. Provides excellent pulmonary support Avoids carotid artery ligation Oxygenated blood enters pulmonary circulation. Catheters made with Teflon or polyurethane appear to be associated with fewer infections in adults than catheters made with polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene (19). Fundamental biomechanical knowledge and its application serves to improve the performance of the individual spine surgeon with respect to the rate of bony fusion, implant failure or degree of deformity correction. Report After completing the postmortem examination, a complete but concise report should be written in duplicate/ triplicate using carbon papers. A strong correlation has been demonstrated between quantitative volumetric bone density and vertebral strength [17]. The disorder is even more common in patients with degenerative or in ammatory rheumatic disorders, with a prevalence o 20% or higher. In such patients, 15% progress to end-stage renal disease, with 40% later experiencing atal cardiovascular disease, in ection, or liver ailure. The classic cutaneous lesions include erythema nodosum, maculopapular lesions, hyper- and hypopigmentation, keloid ormation, and subcutaneous nodules. B: Radiographic contrast material, injected through a long catheter introduced into the femoral vein via the great saphenous vein, has extravasated into the abdominal cavity. Additionally, joint mani estations can only be considered in either the major or minor categories but not both in the same patient. The anterior pericardial sac is opened and the external epicardial veins inspected for evidence of intraluminal bubbles. He just wired the spinous processes of C6 and C7 and reported that the result was successful. If the object cannot be removed, the person may need a tracheotomy/cricothyrotomy. The underlying principle of this method is that the arterial wall oscillates when blood flows in pulsatile fashion through a vessel. By pushing the nostril up, one can direct a tube toward the occiput with less trauma. Coup contusion: Occurs at the site of impact due to inbending bone rebounding and injuring the brain. The tip should at least be well into the ductus venosus to protect the liver from receiving inappropriate infusions (3). B: Cannulation of posterior tibial artery; cannula is attached to a transducer for continuous blood pressure monitoring. Cases of malingering: the specificity of various blood group combinations is like that of the fingerprints. Marriage contract gives implied consent for sexual intercourse per vaginum, not per anum. However, R eview and Self-A ssessment Hip or knee total joint replacement has been success ul in advanced disease. Pilot trial to compare tolerance of chlorhexidine gluconate to povidone-iodine antisepsis for central venous catheter placement in neonates. Miniature transducer-tipped catheters are available that do not depend on fluid-filled lines for the transmission of pressure. Is there bacteremia after suprapubic aspiration in children with urinary tract infection Apply gentle pressure over the puncture site with sterile gauze to stop any bleeding.

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Pinch or close gastric tube during removal to prevent emptying contents into pharynx. Female Infant in Prone Position (22) this technique is useful in an infant who cannot be placed supine. The normal adult termination, between the middle of T12 and the lower portion of L3 vertebrae, is not achieved until 2 months postterm (30). In an epileptic attack, tongue may fall back on to posterior pharyngeal wall causing choking. If an unconscious patient is brought for examination, the name and address of the person bringing that patient is noted. The 5-year survival rate with treatment is variable and depends on the staging o the tumor, ranging rom ~25% to 60%. Supplementation of electrolytes, particularly magnesium and potassium, may be required in addition to thiamine. Therefore, structural changes in the anulus and endplate with degeneration may lead to a transfer of load from the nucleus to the posterior anulus, which may cause pain and also lead to annular rupture. Leave umbilical tie loose around cord stump as precaution against excessive bleeding. Both bacterial and viral pathogens cause corneal ulceration and opacity, which may lead to blindness. Presumptive Tests for Blood Presumptive or screening test, when positive, leads to the conclusion that blood is present and further tests are usually undertaken to confirm the presence of blood, since no single test is absolutely specific for blood. Some metabolic myopathies, including glycogen storage disease due to myophosphorylase or acid maltase de ciency, lipid storage myopathies due to carnitine de ciency, and mitochondrial diseases produce weakness that is o en associated with other characteristic clinical signs; diagnosis rests upon histochemical and biochemical studies o the muscle biopsy. Correction of dietary deficiencies in iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc lowers lead absorption. However, for patients with spinal stenosis and neurogenic claudication which improves in flexion, the interspinous device is a feasible option especially with regard to the limited trauma with implantation. The cervical and lumbar spine are of greatest interest clinically, due to the substantial loading and mobility of these regions and associated high incidence of trauma and degeneration. The peak age o onset is between the ages o 40 and 50 years, but relapsing polychondritis may a ect children and the elderly. These symptoms, which de ne keratoconjunctivitis sicca, are attributed to the destruction o corneal and bulbar conjunctival epithelium. When suddenly awaken from a deep sleep, such person may perform some violent act without awareness and understanding. Injuries to the atlas and axis are more dangerous than lesions in the lower cervical vertebrae, because of involvement of the respiratory centre. Gallium scanning uses 67Ga, which binds serum and cellular trans errin and lacto errin and is pre erentially taken up by neutrophils, macrophages, bacteria, and tumor tissue. Aspiration of blood and air embolism-when the stab is located on the neck (injury to jugular vein). Each joint should be passively manipulated through its ull range o motion (including, as appropriate, exion, extension, rotation, abduction, adduction, lateral bending, inversion, eversion, supination, pronation, medial/lateral deviation, and plantar- or dorsi exion). Prenatal diagnosis of ichthyosiform erythroderma (epidermolytic hyperkeratosis) by fetal skin biopsy. Mature B cells are derived from bone marrow precursor cells that arise continuously throughout life. The iliopsoas muscle originates on the anterior aspect of the lumbar spine and passes over the hip joint to the inside of the femur. Tail wobble or tail wag: It occurs for few microseconds after the bullet leaves the muzzle and may cause great damage. Forceful penetration against resistance may produce tears or bruising of frenulum or prepuce and abrasion of glans penis. Contamination with skin flora can occur but should be avoidable with careful skin preparation. The cutaneous signs vary and include petechiae, purpura, digital in arcts, gangrene, livedo reticularis, and in severe cases large, pain ul lower extremity ulcerations. Agreement of carbon dioxide levels measured by arterial, transcutaneous and end tidal methods in preterm infants < or = 28 weeks gestation.