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This is followed by a stable (chronic) phase, which is characterized by stabilization of the deformity and disappearance of painful erections (Devine et al, 1997; Jalkut et al, 2003; Ralph et al, 2010; Kadioglu et al, 2011a). Sexual stimulation triggers release of neurotransmitters from the cavernous nerve terminals. The amputated portion of the penis should be cleaned, wrapped in a sponge soaked in sterile saline, and placed in a sterile zipper-sealed plastic bag. B, Single-incision approach and area of dissection for right ilioinguinal lymph node dissection with excision of overlying skin. Both external-beam radiotherapy and interstitial brachytherapy are currently used in treating the primary penile tumor. It is purported to work through mechanisms at the spinalcord level with multiple serotonergic effects (Allard and Giuliano, 2001). This was not a controlled trial, but careful observation of stuttering episodes was made. First, because the management of MetS-related conditions primarily rests with cardiologists, endocrinologists, and primary care physicians, how urologists should approach urologic diseases in the context of MetS is currently unclear. The renal veins course anteriorly to the renal arteries and empty into the lateral aspects of the vena cava at the level of L1. Zacharakis and colleagues (2014b) described the efficacy and outcomes of combining the T shunt (Brant et al, 2009) with the corporal snake maneuver in 45 patients. Varicocele recurrence, testicular artery ligation, or postvaricocelectomy hydrocele formation are often associated with poor postoperative results. The median frequency of occurrence of stuttering priapism was three times per month; the median duration of each episode was 1. Although patients have fusion of the preputial skin, there is also often a wrinkled appearance dorsally that we now recognize to be a form of the classic hooded preputial skin. Available data show that the stent is best employed for relatively short strictures of the bulbous urethra associated with minimal spongiofibrosis. The second, descending portion of the duodenum is of critical importance to the urologist because of its proximity to the right renal hilum. That not all men with varicocele are infertile remains one of the most perplexing problems in male reproductive medicine today; the choice of therapy for a particular man with a varicocele is challenging. No significant difference in overall survival was seen between the two regimens (2-year survival 80%, P =. Although there is not a clearly accepted approach, grafting is recommended when the defect measures greater than 2 cm in any dimension to reduce cicatrix contracture and cylinder herniation (Levine and Dimitriou, 2000; Carson and Levine, 2014). Four grafts that have been successfully used for primary urethral reconstruction are the full-thickness skin graft, bladder epithelial graft, oral mucosal graft, and rectal mucosal graft. In the United States, the age-adjusted incidence rate for adolescent boys and men 15 to 49 years old increased from 2. However, this location might be questioned on the basis of the location of the urethra within the corpus spongiosum. Lymphatic fluid from the head, neck, right thorax, right arm, and right heart drains into the right innominate vein. The superficial lymphatic system consists of vessels draining the prepuce and skin of the penile shaft that converge dorsally and then divide at the base of the penis to drain into the right and left superficial inguinal nodes. Penile oxygen saturation in the flaccid and erect penis in men with and without erectile dysfunction. Suadicani and colleagues (2009) reported a significant decrease of gap junction protein connexin 43 in the corpus cavernosum in aged and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. An aortic tube graft is most commonly used for reconstruction; however, an aortobi-iliac graft may be used depending on the extent of tumor involvement. Another group of patients presents after a similar buckling trauma to the penis but without associated detumescence or ecchymosis. Prostatic urethral biopsy has limited usefulness in counseling patients regarding final urethral margin status during orthotopic neobladder reconstruction. Formal testing, which involves a specially equipped sleep laboratory staffed with trained observers, is costly. The mediators and receptors of both arms have been demonstrated in the corpus cavernosum.

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The microsurgical technique for closure of vasography sites is identical to that for vasovasostomy described later in this chapter. They noted that the dorsal nerve of the penis is composed of two to six branches, and in 16 of 22 adult cadaveric specimens, branches perforating the tunica albuginea to the corpus cavernosum were noted. The technique involves intradermal injection of a vital blue dye (isosulfan blue or patent blue dyes) or technetium-labeled colloid adjacent to the lesion. Bone scan may be performed if clinical suspicion exists of bony involvement as a result of bony symptoms or laboratory abnormalities such as elevated alkaline phosphatase or serum calcium. Relationship between testosterone and indexes indicating endothelial function in male coronary heart disease patients. Epilation can be accomplished with either a narrow-gauge needle and monopolar cautery or epilation needles and machines. Carbon dioxide laser therapy of subclinical condyloma found by magnified penile surface scanning. Along its course, it gives off 3 to 10 circumflex branches (the circumflex cavernosal arteries) that accompany the circumflex veins around the lateral surface of the corpora cavernosa and provide vascularity to the corpus spongiosum. There was no protective effect of circumcision for other sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes simplex virus type 2 infection, syphilis, or gonorrhea. We excise the diverticulum after exposing and dissecting its communication with the urethra. Elevated prolactin is associated with decreased sexual desire and suppression of serum T levels (Atis et al, 2010). American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines for clinical practice for the evaluation and treatment of hypogonadism in adult male patients-2002 update. The theory is that certain cancers typically do not spread to other lymph nodes without the necessary and stepwise involvement of the sentinel node first. The most common severe mutation is F508, which results from deletion of three base pairs that consequently remove the amino acid phenylalanine typically at position 508 of the encoded protein (Hampton and Stanton, 2010). A variety of molecular messengers, likely relevant to genital and sexual function, have also been localized to the lumbar spine. When surgical intervention for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes is indicated, a thorough understanding of the anatomy (see Chapter 21) and physiology (see Chapter 22) of the male reproductive system is requisite for planning and carrying out a surgical procedure with the highest probability of success and lowest morbidity. Lifelong monitoring of these patients for the secondary effects of inflammation is necessary. Examples include eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, fungal infections, apthous ulcers, and drug reactions. Seminomas consist of a sheetlike arrangement of cells with polygonal nuclei and clear cytoplasm, with the cells divided into nests by fibrovascular septa that contain lymphocytes. The success of this procedure relies on vigorous mobilization of the corpus spongiosum. This study was originally aimed at comparing verapamil to topical trifluoperazine, but because of the severity of side effects (anxiety, agitation, blurred vision, insomnia, and depression), topical trifluoperazine was discontinued before completion of randomization. In general, deficiencies in these developmental pathways result in either birth defects or intersex disorders. The bulbospongiosus muscle (midline fusion of the ischiocavernosus muscle) is fixed to the perineal body by its most posterior fibers. Although there were no significant observed adverse effects reported in this study, there is evidence that vitamin E may increase the risk of cerebrovascular events (Brown et al, 2001). An evaluation of sexual functioning in employed outpatients with major depressive disorder treated with desvenlafaxine 50 mg or placebo. Carcinomas of the prostatic urethra are of tran sitional cell origin in 90% and of squamous cell origin in 10%; carcinomas of the penile urethra are of squamous cell origin in 90% and of transitional cell origin in 10%; and carcinomas of the bul bomembranous urethra are of squamous cell origin in 80%, tran sitional cell origin in 10%, and adenocarcinoma or undifferentiated in 10% (Grigsby and Herr, 2000). Good atraumatic anastomotic technique If multiple surgical errors occur during the procedure, such as inadvertent cutting of the mucosa with the needles when placing sutures, tearing through of sutures, or back-walling of the mucosa, the anastomosis should be resected and redone immediately. Common laboratory staining methods differentiate pyospermia from immature germ cells. Sexual interest also declines with increasing relationship duration and/or with partner conflict (Segraves, 2002).

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Five-year local control rates among patients treated using a variety of techniques ranged from 44% to 69. The corpora cavernosa contain erectile tissue within a dense elastic sheath of connective tissue called the tunica albuginea. The false-negative rate of 15% is comparable with early reports from other series and is expected to fall with increased use and overall experience. Scanning is applied to the surface of the penis and may include the entire penis from the crura in the perineum to the tip. Some drainage is to the presymphyseal lymph nodes and by way of these to the lateral lymph nodes of the external iliac group. The actual existence of each effect can be individually debated, and internal covariates are difficult to statistically assess (Akre and Richiardi, 2009; Thorup et al, 2010). The hips have been rotated into position by elevation of the buttocks portion of a specially modified table. Most degloving injuries can be managed acutely with immediate reconstruction by the application of split-thickness skin grafts. It is also possible that activation of D2 receptors in this area has the opposite effect (Zarrindast et al, 1992). The aim is not to have the reader memorize what each embryologic stratum becomes during development. A randomized study indicated superior results (based on intention to treat) of vestibulectomy compared to cognitive-behavioral therapy and biofeedback for dyspareunia (Bergeron et al, 2001). This decreased incidence confirms our hypothesis that infections are caused by contamination of the prosthesis at the time of implantation. Long-term follow-up of Anglian Germ Cell Cancer Group surveillance versus patients with Stage 1 nonseminoma treated with adjuvant chemotherapy. The scope can be passed to the stricture, and it often is unnecessary to pass it beyond that level. Andrich and Mundy (2012) described an alternative vessel-sparing technique for proximal strictures in which a longitudinal dorsal stricturotomy is performed and the stricture is excised from within the urethra without disrupting the spongiosum. Oxytocin stimulation of penile erection: pharmacology, site, and mechanism of action. Cholinergic nerves in human corpus cavernosum and spongiosum contain nitric oxide synthase and heme oxygenase. Although the production of prostaglandins and the expression of prostaglandin receptors in the erectile tissue have been clearly demonstrated, their roles in physiologic erection are still undefined. When they reach a critical mass, they excrete a biofilm in which they can live in a decreased metabolic state, causing no clinical symptoms until at least 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes years after implantation (Wilson and Mulcahy, 2006). Body morphology features such as increased height are observed in only 30% of Klinefelter males, and consequently the condition cannot be excluded by physical examination and physical inspection alone (Groth et al, 2013). Genital ultraviolet radiation, alone and combined with 8-methoxypsoralen, increases the risk of squamous carcinoma at genital sites. The selection of patients with stabilized disease, many with calcified plaques, and penile curvature not exceeding 50 degrees may have led to outcomes underestimating the potential efficacy of the treatment (Gontero et al, 2009). Should this "blood-testis barrier" be disrupted, sperm exposed to the immune system may incite an immune response of varying severity involving secretory and humoral immunoglobulins and affecting multiple regions of the surface of the sperm cell (Walsh and Turek, 2009). In most cases of straddle trauma, reconstruction of the bulbar urethral injury is possible (Park and McAninch, 2004). With experience, the lymphatics may be visualized and preserved as well (Glassberg et al, 2008). Retrospective chart review of vaginal diazepam suppository use in high-tone pelvic floor dysfunction. The association between testosterone and cerebral vascular disease appeared to be gender specific. Local low-dose radiation therapy has also been reported to be successful (Stewart et al, 1985). B, Representation of a dynamic voiding urethrogram with the criteria of McCallum illustrated. Perception of "normal" ejaculatory latency varied by country and differed when assessed by either the patient or the partner (Montorsi, 2005). In a study of over 31,000 women in the United States, 43% of women had a sexual concern but just 22% endorsed sexual distress; just 12% had a sexual problem and distress (Shifren et al, 2008). Depending on body habitus, dissection of the spermatic cord to the orchiectomy suture may require re-docking of the robotic arms and triangulating them toward the inguinal ring for a more direct approach to this area.

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Testis biopsy should be considered as an incomplete sampling of testicular histology and germ cell development. The penile lesion is assessed with regard to size, location, fixation, and involvement of the corporeal bodies. However, the epidemiology and natural history of this lesion parallel those of early carcinoma of the penis, and carcinoma in situ can progress to invasive carcinoma. These observations indicate that a functional L-cysteine/H2S pathway may be involved in mediating penile erection in men and some mammals. The arterial distribution within the prostate gland; its role in transurethral resection. During the first year of therapy, men should be monitored at 3- to 6-month intervals and at least annually thereafter (see Box 23-5). The urethra is often subdivided even further at the junction of the membranous and penile urethra, and is termed the bulbomembranous urethra. If the patient presents with the distal part having been disposed, or otherwise unavailable, the wound should be closed. However, the literature is unclear on this matter (Andrich et al, 2003; Koraitim, 2004), and it is our experience that the surgeon must be prepared to exercise all options of reconstruction in virtually all such cases (McCallum and Colapinto, 1979a, 1979b). The ability to achieve pregnancy with only a single testicular sperm has turned biopsy into a potentially therapeutic, as well as diagnostic, procedure. When comparing series from centers that use the modified unilateral templates with series from centers that use the bilateral infrahilar templates, outcomes are very similar (Table 35-3) (Donohue et al, 1993a; Hermans et al, 2000; Nicolai et al, 2004; Stephenson et al, 2005). Another technique used to oppose the forces of wound contraction after internal urethrotomy is home self-catheterization or home urethral obturation. This greater right-sided activation is a common finding in sexually evoked brain activation studies. Outcome of testicular sperm retrieval procedures in non-obstructive azoospermia: percutaneous aspiration versus open biopsy. If the bone is not elevated, the Biemer flap design can be elevated on either the radial or the ulnar artery. In general, the agents effectively result in successful sexual intercourse rates of approximately 70% (Carson and Lue, 2005; Khera and Goldstein, 2011). It receives autonomic innervation primarily from the intermesenteric nerves and renal plexus (Mitchell, 1935). Further support for the diagnosis may follow the confirmation of noncoital erections. Importance of bleomycin in combination chemotherapy for good-prognosis testicular nonseminoma: a randomized study of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Genitourinary Tract Cancer Cooperative Group. The therapy is contraindicated for men with psychological instability, a history or risk for priapism, histories of severe coagulopathy or unstable cardiovascular disease, reduced manual dexterity (although the partner can be trained in the injection technique), and use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (because of the risk of precipitating a life-threatening hypertensive crisis in the event that an intracavernosal -adrenergic agonist is used to reverse a priapic episode) (Sharlip, 1998). However, the tunica albuginea separating the corpus cavernosum from the glans was easily identified in all patients, and the sensitivity for detecting corpus cavernosum invasion was 100%. Reduction in fatal pulmonary embolism and venous thrombosis by perioperative administration of subcutaneous heparin. Stress reduction strategies, maintenance of general health, and addressing relationship issues are generally regarded as positive interventions, although empiric studies are scant. Varicocele the diagnosis of varicocele was discussed in the section detailing the physical examination of the infertile man: why imaging such as ultrasound is most rationally not recommended for the screening evaluation of a varicocele is discussed in the section describing imaging. Case reports, however, suggest that this complication may be more common than realized. Reported long-term survival in this group typically ranges from 50% to 70% (Jansen et al, 1991; Donohue et al, 1998; Fizazi et al, 2001; Spiess et al, 2007; Kundu et al, 2010). Hypoxia potentiates transforming growth factor-beta expression of hepatocyte during the cirrhotic condition in rat liver.

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However, 5 patients in this subset also exhibited either lymphatic or venous invasion (an adverse prognostic feature, see later). Once an erection persists beyond 4 hours and is not relieved by orgasm or pharmacologic reversal, the pathophysiologic phenomena of ischemic priapism have begun. Prescribers should be cautious in the long-term use of aromatase inhibitors, because bone density in the male may be estradiol dependent, and long-term studies of this class of drug in men are lacking (Khosla et al, 2001; Kim et al, 2013). Microvascular and microneurosurgical techniques have made it possible to construct a phallus that allows a patient to void while standing and to enjoy erotic sensibility. Typically the dressing is left in place for 3 days and then removed, at which point the patient may shower. Therefore, scrotal operations are to be avoided because damage to the arterial supply of the testis frequently results in testicular atrophy and further impairment of spermatogenesis and fertility. Multicenter contraceptive efficacy trial of injectable testosterone undecanoate in Chinese men. The influence of varicocele on parameters of fertility in a large group of men presenting to infertility clinics. Epididymal fluid is touched to a slide, diluted with saline or Ringer solution, and inspected under the microscope for sperm. Treatment results and prognostic factors in 101 men treated for squamous carcinoma of the penis. This definition intentionally includes a degree of diagnostic conservatism and flexibility. Use of intraoperative frozen-section analysis of core biopsy specimens of liver lesions may provide additional information when deciding whether or not to resect hepatic lesions. This approach uses a vertical incision through the lumbodorsal fascia lateral to the erector spinae and quadratus lumborum muscles. Complications in these patients resulted not from poorly designed surgery at the time but rather from the "state of the art" at the time. Low androgen levels are associated with apoptosis of endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells. These primitive germline stem cells are termed gonocytes after the gonad differentiates into a testis by forming seminiferous cords. Tibolone is superior to placebo in enhancing sexual desire in premenopausal women (Laan et al, 2001). Many investigators have exhaustively studied the effects of heat on spermatogenesis in animals, observing depopulation of germ cells, perturbations in the various spermatogenic cell types, and apoptosis within specific cell types (Setchell, 1998; Absalan et al, 2010). B, Small crossing vessels are cauterized with bipolar cautery, and a pea-sized sample of seminiferous tubules is taken with a "no-touch" technique. Considering that the protective effects of circumcision on invasive penile cancer are likely to be mediated by avoidance of phimosis, it is noteworthy that another study associated phimosis with the development of invasive penile cancer but not carcinoma in situ (Hung-fu et al, 2001). Role of postchemotherapy surgery in the management of patients with liver metastases from germ cell tumors. The lower poles of the kidneys are between the L3 and L4 vertebrae, and the renal hila are approximately at the level of L1. Although activation of these particular areas is of great interest, further studies are necessary to understand completely the neurobiology of orgasm, ejaculation, and sexual satisfaction in men (Table 26-7). In this study, a semiquantitative system that estimated the amount of high-grade cancer. In a confirmatory study, this prognostic index was validated for relapse-free and overall survival, and no significant difference in these end points was observed among the patients who did and did not receive postoperative chemotherapy (Fizazi et al, 2008). However, whether this mechanism can remove large numbers of spermatozoa from the epididymis of unvasectomized men is unclear. After closure, we repeat the artificial erection to assess the results of the first ellipse with the others. Assessing retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy experience in United States urological residency programs. With respect to efficacy, the 5-year survival for patients with positive pelvic nodes averages around 14% (see Table 37-4). Sexual function and depressive symptoms among female North American medical students.

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Pathophysiology of diabetic erectile dysfunction: potential contribution of vasa nervorum and advanced glycation endproducts. These tumors most commonly occur in older adults but may be encountered in any age group. The technique has been studied in patients with malignant melanoma and breast and vulvar carcinomas who required evaluation of the regional lymph nodes (Morton et al, 1992; Levenback et al, 1994; Albertini et al, 1996; Gershenwald et al, 1999). When the sensation of puncture of the lumen is detected, 50% watersoluble contrast is injected to confirm patency radiographically. Pelvic histology in this series revealed active cancer in 19 (43%) and teratoma in 17 (39%). Percutaneous vasography through the scrotal skin has been successfully performed in China (Li, 1980) using the same ringed percutaneous fixation clamp as for the no-scalpel vasectomy. Physical trauma to the genitals may predispose to pain from injury or muscle dysfunction (Postma et al, 2013). EjaculatoryDucts the left and right ejaculatory ducts enter the prostatic urethra at the level of the utricle. It is well established that obese men have elevated estradiol as a result of peripheral conversion from testosterone by an overabundance of adipose cells that contain the enzyme aromatase (Hammoud et al, 2006; Aggerholm et al, 2008; Chavarro et al, 2010; Hammoud et al, 2010b; Hofny et al, 2010). Patients with bulky (>3 cm) retroperitoneal masses and systemic relapse should receive first-line chemotherapy, and salvage rates approach 100%. Some have suggested performing an immediate penile prosthesis procedure in the acute management of ischemic priapism in patients in whom sympathomimetic intracavernous therapies and shunting have failed (Rees et al, 2002). Another approach, especially when the female partner is young, is to do the vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy first. Variable coding sequence protein A1 (Vcsa1) has been proposed as a marker of erectile function in rats. In 1912 Bowen described an intraepithelial neoplasm of the skin associated with a high occurrence of subsequent internal malignant disease as a distinct entity. Chapter38 TumorsoftheUrethra 887 Distal Female Urethral Carcinoma Small, exophytic, superficial tumors arising from the urethral meatus or distal third of the urethra may be surgically treated with circumferential excision of the distal urethra and inclusion of a portion of the anterior vaginal wall via a transvaginal approach. Even then, if normal testes are present, the success of newer techniques of phallic construction (see subsequent discussion) should lend support to considering the option of raising such a child as a boy, possibly preserving his reproductive potential through puberty. Both in vivo animal models and in vitro models provided evidence that testosterone induces coronary vasodilation by modulating the activity of ion channels. P metal cable support, which make it better able to maintain upward and downward positions. Two-center evaluation of dynamic sentinel node biopsy for squamous cell carcinoma of the penis. The effects of radiation must be allowed to settle; tissue interposition is the rule, and functional reconstruction is impossible in many cases. The postcoital test, also known as the Sims-Huhner test, assesses sperm interaction with mucus in two parts: first, it appraises mucus characteristics favorable to sperm penetration; and second, it gauges the number and motility of observed sperm (Griffith and Grimes, 1990). Saisorn and associates (2006) reported a 93% sensitivity and a 91% specificity in 16 patients with palpable adenopathy (mean size 1. At the subinguinal level, however, significantly more veins are encountered, the artery is more often surrounded by a network of tiny veins that must be ligated, and the testicular artery has often divided into two or three branches, making arterial identification and preservation more difficult (Hopps et al, 2003a). I of the characteristics of the contralateral testicle is essential because synchronous testicular masses have been reported in approximately 1% of patients (Bokemeyer et al, 1993; Coogan et al, 1998; Che et al, 2002; Holzbeierlein et al, 2003; Pamenter et al, 2003; Fossa et al, 2005; Hentrich et al, 2005). Reperfusion of ischemic corporal tissue: physiologic and biochemical changes in an animal model of ischemic priapism. Erection involves sinusoidal relaxation, arterial dilation, and venous compression (Lue et al, 1983). Data suggest that not only is this practice unhelpful, it actually results in poorer sperm quality (Levitas et al, 2005). However, contrast material may opacify the prostatic urethra when the bladder neck is more than adequately competent for continence. Management of extragonadal germ-cell tumors and the significance of bilateral testicular biopsies.


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Delayed orchiectomy after chemotherapy for metastatic nonseminomatous germ cell tumors. Patients were advised to use the device at least 6 hours a day and no more than 9 hours, preventing its use during sleep. Although varicocelectomy has historically been reserved for the treatment of infertile men and varicocele-induced pain, there is an emerging concept of early repair of varicoceles to prevent both future infertility and Leydig cell dysfunction. Prognostic factors and outcomes after definitive treatment of female urethral cancer: a populationbased analysis. Defining the optimal treatment for clinical stage I nonseminomatous germ cell testicular cancer using decision analysis. When expansion is limited at one point along the circumference of the corpora by the inelastic scar of the Peyronie plaque, deviation to that side occurs; a circumferential plaque may lead to an hourglass deformity (Akkus et al, 1997; Devine et al, 1997). The best results were from immediate adjunctive lymph node dissection (83%), with the next best from immediate therapeutic lymphadenectomy (66%). Retrograde Ejaculation Ejaculation is a multiphasic event that includes coordinated neural activity and muscular contraction and relaxation (Jefferys et al, 2012; Phillips et al, 2014). The dartos fascia is contiguous with the Scarpa fascia onto the abdomen, with the tunica dartos of the scrotum, with the Colles fascia on the perineum, and over the thigh-eventually to insert at the fascia lata. Dog-leg radiotherapy is employed for treatment of relapse in 73% to 88% of patients, and cure rates of 70% to 90% are reported. Ultimately, most peptide hormones induce phosphorylation of proteins that alter cell function. Conclusion At this time it is our opinion that combination therapy will offer the best opportunity for improvement by creating a synergy between the chemical effects of the oral and/or injectable agents and the mechanical effects of external forces on the penis. All of these studies have shown a trend toward superiority for the bleomycin-containing regimen, although no significant survival advantage has been shown in any of the trials (Bosl et al, 1988; Levi et al, 1993). The surgeon must be guided by familiarity with various techniques: percutaneous shunting, open distal shunting, proximal shunting, and vein shunting. Various theories have been advanced on how this may be an evolutionary adaption to ensure adequate lubrication (and hence reduced risk of vaginal trauma) even in the context of undesired sexual activity (Chivers and Rosen, 2010). This type of priapism, once properly diagnosed, does not require emergent intervention. For example, any detected infection should be eradicated before surgery, and glycemic control should be optimized in diabetic patients. The authors reported impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation of cavernous smooth muscle and damage of endothelium in the group of mice exposed for 14 days but not the group exposed for 7 days (Aydinoglu et al, 2008) (Table 26-12). These include the pharmacologic agents described in the section discussing medications that alter the ratio of estrogen to androgen through a variety of means (Bowman et al, 2012). This provides insight into the therapeutic options for treatment of the primary lesion as well as the likelihood of nodal metastases in patients with no palpable adenopathy (McDougal, 1995; Lopes et al, 1996; Theodorescu et al, 1996). Transrectal sonography is key to the diagnosis and treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction. In many cases, internal urethrotomy has been reported as successful despite the fact that it has been associated with eventual stricture recurrence. The impact of assay quality and reference ranges on clinical decision making in the diagnosis of androgen disorders. Early follow-up reveals very low rates of local recurrence (Hadway et al, 2006; Shabbir et al, 2011b). Human herpesvirus 8 has been isolated Bowenoid Papulosis Carcinoma in situ of the penis has been well recognized since its first description by Queyrat in 1911. However, it is a misconception that ultrasonography always directly visualizes the spongiofibrosis. This can be determined during the patient interview, when he is asked directly, "If your penis was straight, would the quality of rigidity that you currently have allow penetrative sex Some men simply reject the idea that they need a prosthesis as a first-line surgical treatment. Where there is general redundancy to the penile skin, the islands can be oriented circumferentially. Animal and human studies have demonstrated that varicocele is associated with a progressive and duration-dependent decline in testicular function (Russell, 1957; Lipshultz and Corriere, 1977; Nagler et al, 1985; Harrison et al, 1986; Kass and Belman, 1987; Hadziselimovic et al, 1989; Chehval and Purcell, 1992; Gorelick and Goldstein, 1993; Witt and Lipshultz, 1993). Incomplete perforation of the floor of the inguinal canal should be avoided because it will cause separation of transversalis fascia from the undersurface of the internal oblique muscle.

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Considering that the pathologic status of inguinal nodes is the driving factor determining survival, stage groupings. Intratubular malignant germ cells (carcinoma in situ) accompanying invasive testicular germ cell tumors. After the withdrawal of placental steroids at birth, there is a period of high gonadotropin secretion in the neonate. Couples that are attempting to conceive should avoid the use of most commercially available lubricants and saliva. Penile cancer is of cutaneous origin and requires full treatment of the skin surface. Patency of ejaculatory ducts after transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts verified by reflux seen on voiding cystourethrogram. The most common cause of vulvovaginal atrophy is estrogen deficiency related to menopause (surgical or natural) (North American Menopause Society, 2013). When the defect of the floor is made, the scissor is removed and exchanged for a nasal speculum with 8-cm-long blades. In our series of 1500 microsurgical operations, 43% of couples had achieved pregnancy at 1 year (Goldstein and Tanrikut, 2006) and 69% at 2 years when couples with female factors were excluded. Bioavailable testosterone refers to unbound testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone that is readily dissociable. They help to form the boundaries of the retroperitoneal spaces: the posterior pararenal space, perirenal space, and anterior pararenal space. The symptoms consisted of severe myalgia and fatigue associated with a flulike state after orgasm. Both surgeon and assistant should be comfortably seated on microsurgical chairs that stabilize the chest and arms. The Male Sexual Health Questionnaire offers another instrument that assesses core components of male sexual function. It is understood that testosterone release involves the integrative activity of the hypothalamicpituitary-gonadal axis and its regulatory feedback mechanisms, and disruption at any level of this axis may account for hypogonadism (Bhasin et al, 2010). Sperm chromatin structure assay parameters as predictors of failed pregnancy following assisted reproductive techniques. If the muscle alone is carried as a flap, the overlying skin survives as a random unit. However, it is unusual for the urethra to be injured without damage to adjacent structures. Before the use of alternative therapies can be advocated, further research that demonstrates their mechanisms of action and meaningful efficacies must be performed. Oral trazodone is not effective therapy for erectile dysfunction: a double-blind, placebo controlled trial. Pseudoepitheliomatous, keratotic, micaceous balanitis: a clinical lesion with two histologic subsets: hyperplastic dystrophy and verrucous carcinoma. It should be noted that a single treatment of embolization carries a recurrence rate of 30% (Ciampalani et al, 2002; Gandini et al, 2004; Ozturk et al, 2009). Historically, it was assumed that there was no communication between the right and left perirenal spaces. This test in concept extends from pudendal nerve function reflex testing and involves electrophysiologic stimulation with two stimulating electrodes placed at the glans and the base of the penis for obtaining two bulbocavernosus reflex latency measurements. Erectile dysfunction and risk of clinical cardiovascular events: a meta-analysis of seven cohort studies. Microsurgical vasovasostomy: the microdot technique of precision suture placement. Serum biomarker measurements of endothelial function and oxidative stress after daily dosing of sildenafil in type 2 diabetic men with erectile dysfunction. A prospective study comparing paroxetine alone versus paroxetine plus sildenafil in patients with premature ejaculation. Chlamydia trachomatis infection among women reporting sexual activity with women screened in family planning clinics in the Pacific Northwest, 1997 to 2005. In patients with resected inguinal metastases the 5-year survival averaged 60% (0% to 86%), but this varied widely and was directly attributable to the extent of nodal metastasis (see Table 37-3). Because the differential diagnosis includes urethral neoplasm, cystoscopy with transurethral biopsy is indicated.

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StructuralSpermAbnormalities As discussed in the section describing evaluation of sperm morphology, the majority of sperm in fertile men are eccentrically shaped, and associating the typical variation of sperm shape to clinical relevance in a quantifiable manner has proved challenging. Treatment strategies include chemotherapy, surgical resection, whole-brain radiation therapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery, with most patients receiving multimodal therapy. Psychobiological correlates of delayed ejaculation in male patients with sexual dysfunctions. Evaluating the sexual experience in men: validation of the sexual experience questionnaire. Cross-linking of glycated collagen in the pathogenesis of arterial and myocardial stiffening of aging and diabetes. The portal vein splits into right and left branches, and the venous blood enters the endothelial lined hepatic sinusoids. The two small openings of the ejaculatory ducts are located on either side of the utricular orifice. Relationship between testicular volume and varicocele in patients with infertility. The preprostatic (internal urethral) sphincter encloses the small periurethral prostatic glands without periglandular smooth muscle, and these glands are positioned between fibers of longitudinal smooth muscle. No named branches are given off as these arteries enter the pelvis and divide to form the internal and external iliac arteries. Voided urine cytology is part of standard surveillance in patients who have undergone orthotopic diversion. Bowenoid papulosis manifests as multiple papules on the penile skin or female vulva, usually during the second or third decade of life. Unresected teratoma has the potential to exhibit rapid growth (growing teratoma syndrome), undergo malignant transformation, or cause late relapse, all of which may have lethal consequences. The superior arterial blood supply to the adrenal is constant; however, the middle and inferior arteries to the adrenal are variable. However, if oncologic therapy is successful, it is precisely these patients with a potentially long life expectancy who would benefit from sperm cryopreservation as an option for future fertility. It is preferable to Patients with chordee without hypospadias usually present with either ventral curvature or ventral curvature associated with torsion (complex curvature). A back-pressure test performed by applying gentle pressure on the lower abdominal wall. If microscopic examination of this fluid reveals the absence of sperm, the diagnosis of epididymal obstruction is confirmed. Aging-related expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase and markers of tissue damage in the rat penis. The variables associated with success of internal urethrotomy have been verified by other studies (Heyns et al, 1998). Fan and colleagues (1995) reported an alteration of the maxi-K+ channel in cells from impotent patients and suggested that this might contribute to decreased hyperpolarizing ability, altered calcium homeostasis, and impaired smooth muscle relaxation. Semen samples with less than 10% motility and vitality demonstrated by testing may be investigated with electron microscopy to assess tail ultrastructural defects (Zini and Sigman, 2009). Rationale for combination therapy of intraurethral prostaglandin E(1) and sildenafil in the salvage of erectile dysfunction patients desiring noninvasive therapy. The tight junctions maintain spermatogonia and early spermatocytes within the basal compartment and all subsequent germ cells in the adluminal compartment. In all patients, we place a small Foley catheter and a small suction drain, and both are removed on the first postoperative day. Efficacy of sildenafil as adjuvant therapy to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor in alleviating premature ejaculation. Obviously, tumors could only be clinically staged, and the External-Beam Radiotherapy External-beam radiotherapy has several advantages: It is widely available, delivers a homogeneous dose, and does not require the same expertise with respect to technical skills required for delivery of effective brachytherapy. These effects are likely driven by enhancement of earlier phases of sexual response and no study groups have investigated hormone manipulations with a primary end point of orgasm. It has also been proposed that mesh grafts take readily because of increased levels of growth factors, possibly as a function of the slits.

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Regardless of the location, erosion always necessitates complete removal of all the components of the device and possible salvage replacement. Risk factors related to patient history include poor patient hygiene, spinal cord injury, urinary tract infection, distant sites of infection, and revision surgery performed for previous device infection; however, it is unclear whether revision surgery for mechanical failure is associated with higher rates of infection (Cakan et al, 2003; Kava et al, 2011; Selph and Carson, 2011; Elmussareh, 2013; Muench 2013) Diabetes mellitus may also be a risk factor, although studies report conflicting results. Care is taken to avoid pressure on the lateral aspects of the lower extremities and calf muscles. The medication is administered in sublingual form with a dosage range of 2, 4, and 6 mg, and it has no erectile efficacy if it is swallowed (Heaton, 2000). The distribution of patients who seek treatment for the complaint of ejaculating prematurely according to the four premature ejaculation syndromes. As penile tumescence occurs (such as in response to visual sexual stimulation or after intracavernosal injection of a smooth muscle relaxant), this activity ceases. Anatomic considerations of the penis, lymphatic drainage, and biopsy of the sentinel node. Select patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism may respond to treatment with clomiphene citrate. Testosterone is the main androgenic steroid responsible for the developing male internal genitalia, whereas dihydrotestosterone is the main androgen responsible for development of male external genitalia. In addition, the longitudinal epithelial folds are simpler near the testis and become more complex distally. Erection in the child subsided spontaneously after overnight intravenous hydration and observation. The verumontanum is formed by the widening and protrusion of the urethral crest from the posterior wall. Testosterone levels in males with type 2 diabetes and their relationship with cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular disease. Clinical trials of novel systemic strategies and radiation therapy to affected areas provide the next level of care. Patients undergo a mechanical bowel preparation the afternoon before surgery and take only clear liquids until midnight to decompress the bowels. Sexual function of premature ejaculation patients assayed with the Chinese Index of Premature Ejaculation. The place of idiopathic urethrorrhagia with regard to strictures in children is unclear; some question whether it may be a cause of strictures in young boys regardless of whether the child underwent an endoscopic procedure (Rourke et al, 2003). This dual effect of the drug probably accounts for its limited success when administered intracavernosally as a sole agent (Blum et al, 1985). Urologists need not be experts in such devices but should advise patients to use reasonable cautions to prevent trauma. Examination of the entire penile shaft and perineum is recommended; this can be done with the patient supine but frog-legged. As the scar develops, there may also be an inflammatory response, resulting in the pain that can be present in the flaccid penis or when pressure is placed on the penis. According to the current literature, the following inclusion criteria should be met when selecting patients for arterial surgery: age less than 55 years, nonsmoker, nondiabetic, absence of venous leakage, and radiographic confirmation of stenosis of the internal pudendal artery (Hellstrom et al, 2010; Sohn et al, 2013). Calcium antagonists retard extracellular matrix production in connective tissue equivalent. Relations between the fertilizing ability, motility and metabolism of epididymal spermatozoa. Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in patients with high risk testicular cancer. Diagnostic Delay Diagnostic delay is a well-recognized phenomenon of this disease, with patients and physicians contributing to this delay. Multi-institutional outcome study on the efficacy of closed-suction drainage of the scrotum in threepiece inflatable penile prosthesis surgery. E, the biopsy site is closed with two or three interrupted suturesof6-0nylonorProlene. However, it is unclear the degree to which the incremental increase in accuracy that testis ultrasound adds to that obtained by the caliper or Prader orchidometer translates to clinically useful information (Sakamoto et al, 2007a). Of the 15 patients who experienced complete response, 10 remained with no evidence of disease at last followup.