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Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn is seen in premature infants, particularly those treated with whole body hypothermia for perinatal asphyxia. The diagnosis may be made before birth by measuring the uroporphyrin I concentration in amniotic fluid, which is increased as early as 16 weeks in utero. Mutations have been identified in a subset of patients only, suggesting genetic heterogeneity. Three of six children were found to have a novel dominant inactivating mutation in codon 839 [7]. Pregabalin and gabapentin are the commonest medication to be commenced by dermatologists. However when a depressed patient has confided their distress, it is essential that they should be asked about suicidal thoughts. The patient, an obese woman with acute renal failure, presented with extensive purpuric calcified plaques on the thighs and feet, which subsequently ulcerated. However, viral and bacterial infections have been implicated in initiating immunopathological pathways, leading to the onset of the disease [6,7]. All cases reported thus far consist of frameshift or nonsense mutations on both alleles, effectively leading to a complete loss of functional exophilin5 and the accumulation of endosomal vesicles close to keratinocyte nuclei. Hydroxychloroquine in particular has been found to decrease lupus activity in pregnancy without harming the baby [398]. Epidemiology Cutaneous focal mucinosis occurs in adults of either sex but it has also been reported in children [1]. Alopecia areata and psoriasis have been reported in association with Turner syndrome, which may relate to the fact that Turner syndrome patients are prone to develop autoimmune diseases, mainly autoimmune thyroiditis and inflammatory bowel syndrome [21]. How ever, the exact cell type affected is not yet known with certainty for many congenital naevi. Stopping the hormone may be sufficient to induce remission if the duration of therapy has been short [28]. Access to needles and syringes may be via medical or paramedical family and friends. A blocker or angiotensinconverting enzyme inhibitor may be indicated if dilatation of the aortic root is identified. Chronic erosions and ulcers tend to become covered with a slough, often associated with heapedup crusting and scaling, increasing the risk of secondary infection. However, a persistently raised blood tryptase is not diagnostic of systemic mastocytosis since it can occur in other conditions, including chronic myeloid leukaemia, myelodylastic syndromes, atopic eczema, chronic urticaria and renal failure (Box 46. The ulcers are resistant to treatment and may be complicated by secondary infection. However, molecular studies, 16 years later, showed that a very similar mouse model, namely tattered (Td) is the true homologue of the human phenotype, mapping to the short arm of the X chromosome and not to the long arm as Bpa. The presence of these features varies in affected individuals, and a diagnostic index has been proposed [9]. The condition usually begins in early childhood and has been predominantly reported in Japanese and Chinese individuals. The resulting cascade of metabolic events leads to endothelial proliferation, thickened basement membrane with Wet gangrene of the foot In someone suffering from diabetes, sudden loss of perfusion to the already compromised cutaneous microcirculation. Formal trial data are lacking in children but azathioprine is prescribed as a first line systemic treatment in approximately one fifth of cases of severe eczema in children across Europe [10]. All patients have the triad of follicular ichthyosis, congenital atrichia of the scalp (absence of hair) and photophobia. They are also occasionally used cautiously in depression in the context of bipolar affective disorder, but as there is a risk of triggering a manic episode they should only be prescribed in such patients by a mental health specialist. Many other antiinflammatory or immunosuppressive drugs are used as alternative therapies, combination or maintenance therapies (Table 49.

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A symmetrical, nondeforming arthritis may develop, usually affecting the small joints of the hands, wrists and ankles. Histopathologically, during the early sclerodermatous phase in the skin, thickening of the dermis with hypertrophic collagen bundles but a normal epidermis have been described [11], although changes may be nonspecific [12]. Circumscribed palmar or plantar hypokeratosis 10 years after the first description: what is known and the issues under discussion. Mycophenolate mofetil is a prodrug of mycophenolic acid and has a relatively selective effect on T and B lymphocytes through its effect on the inhibition of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase. These are not clinical entities by themselves but reaction patterns resulting from chronic scratching. Systemic management There is one review of case reports discussing the effect of oral retinoids, such as acitretin, in the treatment of lichen amyloidosus [135]. In the largest multicentre study in children, coinvolvement of the trunk and limbs occurred in 63% and of the trunk, limbs and head in 19% of cases [8,19]. Healing of blisters may leave mild hyperpigmentation; localized atrophic scarring affects approximately 40% of patients. They are found predominantly around the hairline, forehead, preauricular cheek and chin areas. It is therefore perhaps somewhat surprising that the clinical blistering is relatively trivial. Bloom syndrome Definition this syndrome is characterized by photosensitivity, telangiectatic facial erythema, proportionate pre and postnatal growth deficiency, distinctive facies, abnormal immune responses and a predisposition to malignancy [1,2,3]. Investigations Physical examination and pupil dilatation test using hydroxyamphetamine eyedrops can confirm the diagnosis [11]. Investigations Serum copper and caeruloplasmin concentrations are generally low, with raised 24 h urine copper excretion (particularly after a dose of penicillamine) and raised liver copper. Histologically, noninflammatory thrombosis of small dermal blood vessels can be demonstrated, but necrotizing vasculitis is usually not a feature. Standards and standarization in mastocytosis: consensus statements on diagnostics. Also, there is, according to some authors, evidence of neuropathic changes in the mucosa and/or in the central nervous system [3]. Complete loss of the tail domain of desmoplakin presents as acantholytic epidermolysis bullosa [17]. Haplotype analysis in Western European patients with the disease showed a founder effect for the W15R mutation [9]. Although efforts are constantly made to reduce stigma, some patients may feel stigmatized by both their skin and psychiatric symptoms. Two different proteins, one of 60 kDa and another of 52 kDa, react with most positive sera. More recent data have suggested that all viable 45,X cases are in fact cryptic mosaics, implying an origin by mitotic loss [4]. In 50% of cases, typical Sweet syndrome lesions are seen at other sites and the condition responds promptly to Differential diagnosis There is a long list of clinical and histological differential diagnoses for Sweet syndrome described in detail by Cohen [6]. Most patients have extensive scarring alopecia of the scalp and loss of the eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair resulting from follicular hyperkeratosis and atrophy. Less common manifestations include emphysema, aortic aneurysm and aortic or mitral valve prolapse. The clinical features are distinctive and patients should be investigated to exclude underlying neoplasia.


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These studies highlight the need for careful counselling of patients and their families and continued vigilance. Intensive topical treatment the potency of topical steroid treatment can be increased for a short period as an outpatient. Studies of the itching response of atopic eczema patients to histamine iontophoresis suggest a decreased response of afferent cutaneous fibres to high doses, but an increased sensitivity to low concentrations; possibly because of increased permeability of clinically normallooking skin of these atopic patients [97]. Pityriasis rotunda as a cutaneous marker of hepatocellular carcinoma: a comparison with its prevalence in other diseases. Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis: clinical, light and electron microscopic studies. It also serves as a cofactor for enzymes such as monoamine oxidase and succinic dehydrogenase. Unless correctly treated, behavioural problems arise within a few years and progressively worsen, ending in inanition or death [10]. A review of 325 cases showed that most either cleared within a year or persisted for many years [25]. Constitutive pigmentation refers to the amount of melanin pigmentation that is genetically determined in the absence of sun exposure and other influences. Healing results in localized atrophic scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These pustules commonly arise with a scattered distribution on the extensor aspects of the limbs. Whether autoreactivity is a primary disease mechanism or develops secondary to the chronic exposure to skinderived antigens remains to be established. Lesions are not induced by artificial light exposure [28], but have been provoked by photochemotherapy [29]. Clinical examination should also look for inguinal herniation and any abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. Glaucoma can be present from birth, and ophthalmol ogy referral should therefore be made urgently to reduce poten tial morbidity. A study of behavioural interventions of this type in acute and chronic nonorganic (conversion/factitious) motor disorders showed that this produced positive resolution in chronic cases resistant to more passive techniques. Advances in molecular diagnostic techniques have led to the identification of seven main species of Malassezia and recent observations suggest that M. Persistent causes of death include renal disease, severe lupus disease activity, infection and cardiovascular disease [321]. The painful, burning or itching, whitish papular lesions are associated with dilated acrosyringeal ostia, which can be seen by dermoscopy [14]. Treatment of acute edema attacks in hereditary angioedema with a bradykinin receptor2 antagonist (icatibant). Patients may present with chronic lesions or scarring when this behaviour has become a frequent response to stressors, and such stressors are chronic, such as untreated illness or continuing social problems. Liver disease, renal disease and anticonvulsants can also interfere with vitamin D metabolism. In the epidermis there are generally mild degrees of acanthosis, spongiosis, hyperkeratosis and focal parakeratosis. Antilaminin 332 pemphigoid Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita Anti-p200/ laminin g1 pemphigoid Topical and systemic steroids are the mainstay of treatment. Serum transferrin is a glycoprotein and the attached oligosaccharides give it a negative charge; most disorders of glycosylation lead to abnormal patterns on transferrin isoelectric focusing.

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Pathology Biopsies from early lesions show a perivascular inflammatory infiltrate with occasional eosinophils. Causes can include heart failure, proteinlosing enteropathy, constrictive pericarditis or lupus serositis. This may be an underestimate since the anogenital area was only examined in this study in patients with suggestive clinical symptoms such as burning, itching, pain, dysuria or dyspareunia, and so asymp- tomatic patients, or those not admitting to symptoms, would have been missed. In this subset of patients, raised microvascular viscosity is thought to be the cause [2]. At this stage, there can be palpable hepatosplenomegaly, with umbilical herniation. Genetics Mutations in the gastric intrinsic factor gene cause a rare disorder of vitamin B12 absorption known as congenital pernicious anaemia or congenital intrinsic factor deficiency. In these patients, correction of iron deficiency apparently correlated with improvement in pruritus. On the other hand, a low titre (less than 1: 16), in the absence of clinical symptoms and signs, can be ignored [351]. Epidemiology Incidence and prevalence the incidence of pemphigus is low but variable worldwide, ranging from 0. Lesions preventing spinal cord ascent during normal growth can cause undue traction on the lower end of the cord and cauda equina. The prognosis for the older child or young adult with cutaneous stigmata and epilepsy is unpredictable. With antenatally diagnosed, open dysraphism caesarean section is often recommended to avoid additional trauma and infection during birth [19]. The effect of retinoids is unknown and the need for treatment diminishes with age. Keratotic lichenification is often seen around the flexures, neck and mid abdomen. Obesity and physical exercise Increasing numbers of children in affluent settings are overweight. Erythroderma may be the initial presentation of eczema in an individual or, more commonly, arises in the context of longstanding eczema. In some cases, the attending dermatologist may wish to rule out autoimmune bullous disorders through direct immunofluo rescence or identification of circulating antibodies. Although no causative link has been identified, selenium deficiency likely represents one of multiple factors that predispose these patients to cardiomyopathy [28]. Long-term oral sodium thiosulphate has been reported to be effective at maintaining remission [26]. Patients with manganese deficiency may present with nausea, vomiting and weight loss. Enzyme replacement therapy is being developed for mannosidosis and bone marrow transplantation may improve the neurological outcome in fucosidosis. These last two forms describe disease states related to increased physiological needs outpacing what might otherwise be considered normal nutrient intake [10,11]. Calcineurin inhibitors and interferon may ameliorate the clinical symptoms, but haematopoietic stem cell transplantation is the only curative treatment. It is thought to be related to stimulation of the cholinergic postganglionic sympathetic nerve supply to the sweat glands. In retrospect, Virchow first reported a family with more than one affected member [5]. There is significant skin redundancy, resulting in one of the key features of arthrochalasia type namely a crisscross pattern on the palms and soles [70]. It is often difficult to know whether acute urticaria fol lowing infection treated with antibiotics is due to the infection or the drug and may merit investigation later to confirm or exclude antibiotic allergy. In contrast, defects in genes involved in the formation of elastic fibres in the skin and other tissues are responsible for forms of cutis laxa.

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Scanning laser Doppler imaging had a positive predictive value of 87% and negative predictive value of 94% in a small study evaluating its use in assessing activity and predicting progression [319]. Dermatological findings included pigmentary abnormalities of the hair variably described as silvery grey, silvery, greyish golden or dusty [5]. Therefore, individuals with Turner syndrome, especially those on growth hormone therapy, should have periodic skin examinations and be advised on the regular use of sunscreens. Heavy metal toxicities related to mercury or selenium can present with erythroderma and oedema. Normal development occurs until the age of around 2 years and may therefore be confused with mandibuloacral dysplasia. Other patterns of eczema Infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis this condition is discussed in Chapter 40. Genetics the earlyonset familial form is inherited in an autosomal domi nant fashion. Radiographs of the skull reveal sclerosis and some times thickening of the calvarium. A rheumatoidlike deformity is present in approximately 25% of patients, with marked softtissue swelling, especially of the dorsa of the fingers, hands and wrists, although joint erosions on Xray are not a feature. Patients affected by these forms of undernutrition can be identified on the basis of their delayed or decelerated growth parameters, clinical features and underlying aetiology. Deafness from involvement of the middle ear has been reported [22] as well as carcinoma arising from chronic oral and oesophageal lesions [91]. Age Trichodysplasia spinulosa has been reported in immunosup pressed patients of all age groups [2]. Breastfed infants of riboflavindeficient mothers, as well as infants weaned to non milk products, are also at risk. Investigation shows severe or total cholestasis, and a dramatically high red cell protoporphyrin concentration (due to its impaired excretion), which causes the worsening photosensitivity. These discolorations can be removed by aqueous or alcohol swabs and analysed if necessary. Usually remaining localized, it may occasionally extend along the palmar surfaces of the fingers to merge with palmar eczema. Individuals who ingest a lowcalorie diet should maintain a minimum of 1 mg daily [69]. The only controlled trial of dietary intervention in humans has been with oral phosphate binders but this did not result in either a reduction in calcification levels or clinical improvement [63]. Where considered this chapter this chapter Chapter 65 this chapter the biochemical and clinical features of the different disorders are summarized in Table 81. A food diary may be helpful, especially in episodic urticaria, but it should be remembered that the time interval may vary from minutes with allergy and up to 24 h with dietary pseudoallergens, and the substance may have been consumed regularly for years. Two of these cause dermatological problems that include ichthyosis and they are discussed in other chapters. The use of antiinflammatory preparations, emollients and reduction of trigger factors remains the initial approach. It has been suggested that the trichorrhexis nodosa may be due to chronic arginine deficiency. It is likely that molecular biomarkers such as filaggrin status will become more central to the disease description.

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Source: http://www.rxlist.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=96675

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There is gradual coarsening of the facial features, with sagging skin, thick lips, a broad low nasal bridge and coarse hair. Itch was more recently demonstrated to be routed by mechanosensitive C fibres and thinly myelinated A fibres, both classical pain fibre classes [30,32]. Noncutaneous features are dominated by hamartomatous polyps, which may occur in any part of the gastrointestinal tract but more consistently in the jejunum. The level of blistering occurs above the granular layer but because of the thicker stratum corneum in acral skin, the clinical consequences may be almost identical to blistering through the basal keratinocyte layer. Skin signs Dermatomyositis is distinguished by a broad spectrum of cutaneous manifestations. Missing teeth or malformed teeth are also characteristic and a clue for diagnosis in children. Ethnicity Ethnic predisposition to urticarial vasculitis is unknown; it has been reported in white people [10,14] and Asian populations [15]. The hypothesis that pericapillary fibrin impedes oxygen diffusion has been supported by a study using positron emission tomography [9]. These may be a minor manifestation of a serious systemic illness, or the presenting, and for many years the only, features. Enchondromas may degenerate into chondrosarcomas, and differentiation may be difficult. Opaque sunscreens, containing pigmentary grade titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sometimes with the addition of iron oxide, are protective against Soret wavelength light [14,15]. In dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis cutaneous findings include reticulate hyperpigmentation, noncicatricial alopecia and onychodystrophy. Diagnosis this requires careful clinical assessment as outlined above, supported by tests that allow the diagnosis to be confirmed or an alternative clinical condition identified. Local treatments are crucial and may be sufficient to control oral and genital disease to an acceptable level [122]. Racial and ethnic differences in skin colour are related to the number, size, shape, distribution and degradation of melaninladen organelles called melanosomes. Individuals with Crohn disease and coeliac disease may suffer from malabsorption [88]. The keratin aggregates are reminiscent of those in classical protein folding disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington disease [6]. It can improve markedly management A moderate response to lowdose acitretin has been reported [13]. Periorbital hyperpigmentation and fine wrinkling around the eyes are characteristic features of the disorder. Continuing mechanical overload on established callus can result in fissures, increasing the risk of future ulcer formation [8]. The first begins after several days or weeks and lasts about a month, involving spontaneous burning and stinging, or tearing or shooting, pain, precipitated by mechanical stimuli such as bathing, clothing on the skin or draughts [7]. Prolonged survival is associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, avascular necrosis and neuropsychiatric dysfunction [326]. On the scalp, the morphoealike change may cause a slowly expanding scarring alopecia starting in the frontoparietal and occipital areas [9,10,14]. Histologically, amorphous masses that bind elastic tissue stains can be seen traversing the epidermis. It is important that the physician has a helpful, non aggressive, sympathetic approach. The netlike discoloration results from hypooxygenation due to slow arterial blood flow in the dermal arterioles and the collection of the hypooxygenated blood in the dermal venules [107]. In Investigations the diagnosis is clinical, although skin scrapings to exclude fungus and patch tests to exclude footwear allergy may be helpful Infective dermatitis 39. There has also been debate over whether deep and bullous morphoea should be considered as separate subtypes, and over what, exactly, constitutes generalized morphoea.

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Absence of dense bodies on whole mount electron microscopy of platelets constitutes a standard diagnostic test. Whether they are adults or children, these patients are best referred to as having a pansclerotic subtype of morphoea. Comparison of a filaggrindeficient mouse model versus wild type, suggested that cutaneous allergen exposure in the context of a filaggrindeficient skin barrier was sufficient to induce cutaneous inflammation and allergenspecific IgE [242]. Clinical features They start as small xanthomas, usually over the extensor aspects of the elbows and knees, but can develop into quite exuberant exophytic lesions several centimetres in diameter and height. Mandibuloacral dysplasia with type A and type B lipodystrophy 1 Novelli G, Muchir A, Sangiuolo F, et al. Such episodes may present as a severe systemic illness with high fever and a widespread eruption. Enlargement of the lymph nodes may be considerable, even if histologically they are not infiltrated by the lymphoma. Urological intervention is recommended whenever function is compromised although occasionally may result in more scar formation [2]. The linear limb variant was associated with a higher risk of recurrence, irrespective of age at the onset of disease [310]. Normal desquamation depends on the conversion of cholesterol sulphate (which maintains the structure of intercellular lipid lamellae in the subcorneal layers) to cholesterol, by cholesterol sulphatase, located on keratinocyte cell membranes. Clinically, these lesions can be accompanied by macrocephaly, developmental delay and/or seizures. Efficient surgical treatment strategies involve excision and split thickness skin grafting [131], dermabrasion [132] and shave excision [70] as well as curettage and cautery [85]. Osteoporosis, scalloping of the posterior aspects of the vertebral bodies, subperiosteal new bone formation, ossification of sutures, diaphyseal periosteal reaction, metaphyseal widening and lateral spur formation are frequent bone findings, most often affecting the long bones and the skull. Later manifestations include muscle wasting, weakness and lancinating pain in the lower limbs, and extension of sensory symptoms to the upper limbs. Scratching or rubbing is carried out using either the hands, back of nails or knuckles, and sometimes with the use of a convenient instrument such as a hairbrush or pen. Scleromyxoedema follows a chronic, progressive and sometimes unpredictable course [2]. Then, if pruritus still persists, a stepbystep symptomatic treatment is recommended Concomitant treatment in every step Adapted from Weisshaar 2012 [4]. Investigations Histologically, an abrupt thinning of the stratum corneum over a diminished granular layer forms a sharp stair between normal and involved skin [6]. Response was assessed objectively with infrared thermography, a computerized skin scoring system, by physician global assessment of disease severity and the development of new lesions. Other Management There is no specific therapy but treatment is aimed at reducing any metabolic complications. Congenital elastomas are firm, skincoloured or creamy/ yellowish papules or nodules, with a diameter ranging from millimetres to a centimetre, that often coalesce to form plaques or clusters. Although these cells are not tissue matched, it is hoped that infusion of these cells will have antiinflammatory effects that lead to clinical benefits for several months. Outcome measures recorded in over 90% of cases include variable combinations of clinical examination, skin scores, ultrasound measurement of skin thickness, cutometer measurements and skin biopsies. Cholinergic urticaria occurs in response to sweating caused by an increase in core temper ature, so it is frequently included in the inducible urticaria group, but it may also be triggered by emotional and gustatory sweating. Skeletal changes include enlarged fontanelles, clavicular dysplasia and reduced bone density.

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It rarely develops in early childhood, and usually does so in teenage years, but it may also first appear in old age. Mutations in this gene that result in frameshift or missense mutations or that alter subcellular protein targeting are also found in up to 2. Introduction and general description Keratolysis exfoliativa represents an acquired form of non inflammatory skin peeling. A lowfat, highmarineoil diet (eicosapentaenoic acid: Maxepa 20 g/day) modified disease activity in 27 patients in a placebocontrolled trial over 3 months [426]. Controlled trials of Nacetyl cysteine and colestyramine have been shown to be of no benefit [27,28]. Similar changes are not infrequently seen around seborrhoeic keratoses [7] and other elevated skin lesions [8] and are termed the Meyerson phenomenon. However, Wachtel [5] described three young women in whom an identical condition arising following bilateral oophorectomy was reversed by oestrogen replacement. Lipids, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, carotid duplex scanning, hip Xrays and bone densiometry scans should also form part of annual care. The condition is reported to be similar to the callosities seen on the hands of manual workers. The transmembrane serine protease is an efficient activator of epidermal pro kallikreins. However, most of these infants begin to gain weight in their second year, although they generally remain below the 25th centile for height and weight. Aphonia, secondary to laryngeal nerve paralysis, is a characteristic feature of infantile beriberi. The lack of physical signs often leads to delay in diagnosis, with some patients initially being labelled as malingerers. The positive therapeutic role of isotretinoin in the management of moderate to severe acne has been described for many years [8], and this may need to be borne in mind when considering the more recently reported association of suicidal ideation in patients treated with isotretinoin. A proportion will develop more severe gastrointestinal tract Part 4: Inflammatory 56. Autoimmune disease Genetic risk for several autoimmune diseases overlaps, resulting in greater frequency of other autoimmune disorders in patients with type 1 diabetes [58,59]. Clinical features the clinical presentation of cutaneous involvement in systemic amyloidoses is often characterized by petechiae, haemorrhages, ecchymosis and pruritus. As such, it proved correct that there are a number of mutationspecific phenotypes due to this gene defect as predicted by Oeffner et al. It may help with sleep disturbance and anxiety but is probably not effective as an antidepressant at the dose used for urticaria. Naevus anelasticus is not described congenitally but does start in the first two decades. This can be exaggerated by physical stimuli, such as extremes of temperature, toweling, massage or alcohol. The proposed triggering events in the isotopic group were surgery in 43%, penetrating trauma in 19%, injection in 14%, herpes zoster infection in 10% and radiotherapy, diagnostic Xray and extreme exercise in 5% each. Discomfort can be caused by a tendency to catch on clothing and other objects [9]. Careful examination of an acute lesion may reveal the presence of a needle track where milk, air, faeces, urine, cooking oil, silicone, grease or engine oil has been injected. Scarring of the lids following blistering may result in inadequate lid closure and loss of normal protection to the eyes [2]. A depressed mood must be present for most of the day on most days for at least 2 years. Evolution is variable and unpredictable, but many worsen with time and can become lifethreatening. Differential diagnosis Acral peeling skin syndrome should also be distinguished from keratolysis exfoliativa [9,10]. Chronic, recurrent vesiculation without periods of remission may be termed chronic vesicular dermatitis. Targeted nextgeneration sequencing appoints C16orf57 as Clericuziotype poikiloderma with neutropenia gene.

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As this condition is progressive and the full phenotype evolves over time, suspected cases should be referred urgently for specialist investi gation of storage disorders. Most patients develop a patchy erythematous or exudative rash, particularly around the mouth. Of interest, a few case reports suggested a distinct association of cardiac valvulopathy, Jaccoud arthropathy with hypocomplementaemic urticarial vasculitis [45]. Intensive lubrication of the ocular surface remains the mainstay of therapy for photophobia. A multidisciplinary approach, including medical, orthopaedic, physiotherapy and rehabilitation input, is required with the aim of Inherited generalized cutis laxa 72. Management the primary aim in the management of acquired ichthyosis is to identify the underlying cause of the disorder. In both cases, the complete form of the syndrome results in thymic aplasia and absence of T lymphocytes. The skin is a critical mechanical barrier, and a vital component of the innate immune system and the site where many innate and adaptive immune responses to infection are seen. The blistering desmosomal genodermatoses mainly involve proteins expressed in the desmosmal plaque (plakophilin1, desmoplakin, plakoglobin) although the skin pathology in several of the other disorders manifests as keratoderma due to altered differentiation resulting from desmosomal dysfunction. It can therefore be difficult to convince these patients of the importance of photoprotection. Regimens using emollient only under the wet dressings have become popular but are somewhat less effective [50,51]. It has been argued by some that lichen sclerosus is a superficial, subepidermal form of morphoea [49], but others believe that the two conditions are completely distinct (see Chapters 111 and 112) [50]. Patients will usually go to great lengths to cleanse themselves of the smell and will reject any suggestion that the smell is not experienced by other people. The final common pathway is probably via stimulation of tyrosine kinase growth factor receptors in the epidermis [40]. The characteristic tuberosclerotic nodules of glial proliferation may occur anywhere in the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and ventricular walls, but are rare in the cerebellum, medulla or cord [20]. There are indirect associations between diabetes and both calciphylaxis and nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy related to diabetic nephropathy, although a recent review of the literature called the link with the latter into question [80,81]. For example, in plaque morphoea they may be limited to the dermis, whereas in linear and deep types they may extend beyond the skin and into the underlying fascia, muscle and bone. Those forms of hand eczema that are due in part or wholly to the effects of irritants carry a particularly poor prognosis unless these irritants can be completely removed. Trichothiodystrophy: a systematic review of 112 published cases characterises a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations. In addition to skin changes, these heterogeneous disorders are variably associated with connective tissue problems as a result of loss, disorganization or fragmentation of elastic tissues in other organs, notably the lungs, cardiovascular system, joints and gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems. Recurrent airway infections with chronic cough and reactive airway changes are common, and otitis media has also been described [3]. An abnormal reaction to commensal microorganisms has been postulated to play an aetiological role. Nevertheless, the name epidermolysis bullosa, as originally used by Koebner [1] in 1886, is now so well established in the literature that it remains the preferred term. Removal of the crusts leaves a relatively normal lip although with time there is some superficial erosion. Hyperhidrosis is usual, and dermatophyte infections and pitted keratolysis are frequent. Itch is a subjective symptom and shows not only interindividual differences, but also intraindividual variations resulting from fatigue, anxiety or stress. Older blisters may cause severe diagnostic difficulty because the following may occur: false negative immunostaining caused by proteolytic antigen degradation, reepithelialization under the blister roof and multiple cleavage planes. Scleredema diabeticorum There is uncertainty as to whether scleredema associated with diabetes is a separate form of the condition or not [74,75]. This suggested that patients had different defects in nucleotide excision repair, and one defect could be corrected by the fusion of cells from a patient with a different defect because of the availability of the protein that the other was lacking.

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Angular stomatitis initially presents with small papules at the corners of the mouth, which subsequently extend laterally, macerate, fissure and bleed. The severity of the psoriasis was reflected in the frequency of suicidal ideation and the level of measureable clinical depression. Lacunae appear suprabasally in the earliest lesions, and extend irregularly throughout the Malpighian layer [3,5]. Tight junctions are important cellular adhesion molecules in the stratum granulosum which make up a paracellular barrier between keratinocytes which regulates movement of water and solutes through the epidermis [79]. A recent Cochrane review of interventions such as emollients and barrier creams for preventing occupational irritant hand dermatitis found generally positive results but no statistical significance was reached [43]. The lingual papillae are lost and the surface of the tongue becomes smooth, shiny and atrophic. Other features include splenomegaly, anaemia, thrombocytopenia or hypergammaglobulinaemia; there is an increased risk of systemic lupus erythematosus [44,45]. The clinical presentation can be highly variable and oligosymp tomatic cases are common. Several studies have shown positive direct immunofluorescence of lesional skin [8,14,23]. Morvan syndrome, involving progressive pain loss, resultant skin ulceration, softtissue loss, resorption of the phalanges and muscular atrophy, occasionally occurs. Secondary dyslipidaemia due to chronic cholestasis It has already been noted that xanthelasmas can be a feature of chronic cholestasis. Patients may misattribute causation on the basis of experience, culture and a need to place the illness in a context. The occurrence of angiooedema should be noted, particularly if it has affected the oropharynx with difficulty in swallowing or breathing. The incidence of clinical renal disease is approximately 5%, but renal histology may be abnormal in 20% [32]. The introduction of topical calcineurin inhibitors, tacrolimus and pimecrolimus, provides an effective measure for amelioration of pruritus of atopic eczema [106,107]. Myclophenolate mofetil For patients who have failed to respond to or are intolerant of azathioprine and/or methotrexate, myclophenolate may be considered as a fourth line agent, with dosage up to 2 g/day [2]. Moreover, occurrence of both types of erythrokeratoderma sharing the same ultrastructure has been reported in siblings [4]. Presentation Metastatic calcification presents with predominantly periarticular calcification in addition to signs and symptoms of hypercalcaemia. Introduction and general description this syndrome was first described by Giedion in 1966 [1]. Other symptoms include somnolence, irritability, apathy, memory loss, dementia and psychosis. Many patients have already started a restricted diet before seeing a doctor, so dietary assessment is important to confirm adequate nutrition. Rapid and dosedependent improvements in disease activity and patient symptoms were observed in 4 and 12week studies. Epiligrin, the major human keratinocyte integrin ligand, is a target in both an acquired autoimmune and an inherited subepidermal blistering skin disease. Decreased zinc absorption can be demonstrated using radioisotopes but it is easier to undertake a trial of zinc therapy: patients respond within a week. The porphyrias have previously been classified, according to the predominant site of porphyrin accumulation, into the erythropoietic group (congenital erythropoietic porphyria and erythropoietic protoporphyria) and the hepatic group (all the others). Patients with hypocomplementaemic urticarial vasculitis may present with gastrointestinal features including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, intestinal bleeding or diarrhoea [29]. This apparently common but underdiagnosed condition affects young adults, usually in the summer months and may be related to sweating.