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The diagram illustrates the three types of kinetic curves exhibited by breast masses. Severe hypertension (blood pressure 160/110 mmHg) requires immediate treatment to prevent the risk of stroke and to reduce other morbidity (see Chapter 7. They may appear as solid round, eggshell, lucent centered, or partial rim calcifications. It is important to note that the practice is not limited to particular cultural or religious groups and all women from areas of risk must be sensitively questioned and examined. Evidence from clinical trials There are no clinical trials on which to base management, which is therefore based on expert opinion [E]. Furthermore, the higherfrequency examination demonstrates that the margin of the mass is ill defined, and there is diffuse posterior acoustic shadowing. The risk of unexplained antepartum stillbirth in second pregnancies following caesarean section in the first pregnancy. It alters cervical mucus, impairs sperm transport, inhibits ovulation and implantation. The sonographic features would be expected to be similar to other ductal malignancies. The palpable mammographic mass corresponds to an ill-defined irregular mass with a hyperechoic rim and hypoechoic center. This is secondary to both reticulo-endothelial erythrocyte destruction and suppression of erythropoiesis. It is advised, though not mandatory, that one of these should be obtained from a psychiatrist. Ensuring that treatment reaches the women who need it, however, is a matter of political will, and obstetricians have a duty to act as advocates for the women at risk. Augmentin (co-amoxiclav) increases the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis in the neonate. This image demonstrates focal uptake corresponding to pulmonary nodules (arrows), consistent with metastases to the lung. Retroplacental haemorrhage in the second and third trimesters can impair placental function sufficiently to reduce fetal growth. The abnormal plasma cells accumulate in bone marrow, replacing the normal marrow elements, and cause bone pain and, in some cases, pathological fracture (Table 14. Animal and clinical trials indicate that resuscitation with air in the term infant is as effective as 100 per cent oxygen and may even be advantageous [C]. Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights requires states to permit freedom of thought, conscience and religion, with the implication that this also includes the freedom to act on religious commitments. Mass: oval, round, or lobulated shape and smooth margins and homogeneous enhancement and suspicious kinetic curve. It is probably the result of venous congestion, resolves spontaneously and is only of importance 476 Common neonatal problems the best choice for a number of reasons, including the following: Urine/stools It is not uncommon for neonatologists to be asked to review an infant who has either not passed urine or not opened his/ her bowels. Reports in the literature describe veress needle insertion either in the mid-clavicular line, 2 cm below the inferior costal margin, or the open Hasson technique. Although caudal regression (sacral agenesis) is the most well known associated abnormality (200-fold increased risk), the prevalence is low. It is especially important to review records where there is any doubt about the type of uterine scar used. There is no evidence that the infection is teratogenic [D], but in the fetus the virus has a predilection for erythropoietic cells, causing a transient but severe pancytopenia. Initial menstrual cycles are usually anovulatory and often irregular for several years. With this in mind, blood pressure should be continuously monitored and hypotension avoided in order to ensure cerebral perfusion and to prevent further underperfusion of other organs.

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Early liaison with the genito-urinary medicine physicians and paediatricians is vital. Midwives can prescribe and administer controlled drugs in accordance with Nursing and Midwifery Council (Midwives) Rules and locally agreed policies and procedures. Secondary arrest affects approximately 6 per cent of nulliparae and 2 per cent of multiparae, and may be defined as a cessation of cervical dilatation following a normal period of active-phase dilatation. Initial disease development is usually denoted by the appearance of a chancre (ulcer). As there is no sonographic abnormality other than the calcifications, the sonographic findings are nonspecific, so the management is based on the mammographic features of the calcifications. Most of the observed difference was in disability in babies younger than 31 weeks of gestation at randomization: 14 (13 per cent) immediate versus five (5 per cent) delayed deliveries. The palpable mass corresponds to an irregular, hypoechoic, heavily shadowing mass. Most contraceptive users are medically fit and can use any contraceptive method safely. Blood group and red cell antibodies Rhesus status, blood group and red blood cell antibodies should be determined in early pregnancy [A]. Late pregnancy/intrapartum events Bereavement care As perinatal death becomes less common, couples can feel increasingly isolated in their grief. Side effects specific to opioids are respiratory depression (in the most unlikely event of cephalad spread of opioid to the brainstem) and pruritus. Diabetes should not be considered a contraindication to the use of antenatal steroids. The most common migration of free silicone is to the upper outer or upper medial soft tissues. Valproate and, to a lesser extent, carbamazepine are thought to increase the risk of neural tube defects to between 1 and 2 per cent [B]. In oncology care, this is a particularly important issue, and is beyond the scope of this chapter. In inherited conditions (congenital spherocytosis, pyruvate kinase deficiency, etc. Most of these anatomical structures are also generally identifiable mammographically. There is an increasing emphasis on guidelines and protocols, but these can only save lives if they are understood and implemented. Pregnancy is associated with progression of pre-existing retinopathy, and this is more likely with increased severity of the pre-existing disease, duration of diabetes, poor glycaemic control and rapid improvements in control [C]. Data are cross-checked with registration data from the Office of National Statistics and missing cases are tracked down. Women can be offered an open appointment to return should they have further questions, but the provision of antenatal care can rest with the community midwife. These drugs are used, for example, in treating inflammatory autoimmune diseases of the joints such as rheumatoid arthritis. More frequently, problems of intraventricular and periventricular damage due to hypoxia or haemorrhage during the antenatal, peripartum, intrapartum and postpartum courses may occur. A mobile chest x-ray carries greater exposure than a departmental film, so the patient should be moved where possible. Such a regimen has been shown to be compatible with normal progress in labour (>1 cm/hour) with minimal adverse sequelae, as long as the appropriate action is taken if signs of maternal or fetal compromise develop. The Dublin randomized controlled trial of intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring. The incidence in the developed world would appear to have reduced to approximately 0. Host resistance and survival in carcinoma of breast: a study of 104 cases of medullary carcinoma in a series of 1,411 cases of breast cancer followed for 20 years. Current guidance is that drugs avoided in the antenatal period should also be avoided during breastfeeding.

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Primary care training rightly regards the teaching of communication skills as one of the most important parts of the introduction of a trainee to general practice. Although not all pyrexias are of an infective origin, infection is the most important diagnosis and a thorough examination to search for a possible site of infection should be made. It is useful to have as much idea as possible prior to the procedure about the likelihood of placenta accreta. There are no randomized studies to help and only observational data are available [D]. Infants with excessive secretions, or those with thick meconium (see below under Special situations) and/or blood, need suctioning. A postnatal fasting plasma glucose is useful in determining which women with gestational diabetes should undergo a postnatal oral glucose tolerance test. Although the inheritance of pre-eclampsia has yet to be characterized, there is a strong familial predisposition: a family history in either mother or sister increases the risk of pre-eclampsia four- to eight-fold. These rarer causes retain a significant level of importance because of their relative over-representation among severe cases of haemorrhage. However, it is important that before this is undertaken, women understand: the procedure is designed to impact as above; it may be a little uncomfortable; they may experience frequent contractions following the procedure; there may be a little vaginal bleeding following the procedure. This acute febrile illness is associated with high morbidity and mortality, particularly in developing countries. The association is strong and often dose related, which therefore adds considerable evidence that the effect is causative and not related to other associated factors [C]. It is estimated that, in future pregnancies, nine perinatal deaths would be expected and 140 women would have potentially life-threatening complications as a result of rupture of the uterine scar. Meta-analysis demonstrating superiority of the selective progesterone receptor modulator ulipristal acetate versus levonorgestrel for emergency contraception. Advances in imaging have facilitated the diagnosis of fibroids and enabled more women to be managed conservatively. Unless there are additional indications for hysterectomy, laparoscopic oophorectomy offers a less invasive surgical approach [E]. The breech is then held up behind the pubic arch, lateral flexion allowing the posterior hip to be born first. Masses that exhibit suspicious or highly suspicious morphology should be biopsied no matter what type of kinetic curve the mass exhibits (Table 3. It is possible that an increase in the prescribed dose or route of administration may provide different results. These changes occur due to the pressure from the expanding uterus and the relaxation of thoracic ligaments. Thus, information gained from prenatal assessment of size can only be used as one risk factor in the overall clinical picture. A screening co-ordinator is responsible for reporting results to women and co-ordinating the local screening service. Bracht has described an alternative set of manoeuvres, which not only appear to be safe for the mother and baby, but are also less complicated for the accoucheur to perform. The least reliable signs of rupture are the group that demonstrates silicone on both sides of the folded implant wall. A focal asymmetry is an asymmetry that cannot be reliably identified on more than one view.

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Although maternal mismanagement of the third stage of labour, either by inappropriate traction during controlled cord traction or too rapid removal of the placenta during manual removal; 494 Postpartum collapse maternal age >25 years; a sudden rise in intra-abdominal pressure in the presence of a relaxed uterus; a fundally placed placenta with a short umbilical cord. Defining limits of survival: lethal pulmonary hypoplasia after midtrimester premature rupture of membranes. These agents may also stimulate the local release of prostaglandins, which may have additional benefits on cervical ripening. However, these calcifications should be biopsied because, as in this patient, recurrent neoplasm may produce these calcifications. Ovarian drilling involves focal local destruction of the ovarian stroma with laser or diathermy, applied laparoscopically. Generalized growth and neurological development continue throughout normal pregnancy. They are also associated with nulliparity and are more common in women with a family history of fibroids. Not only are there risks of infection with prolonged rupture of the membranes, but also of: When to perform induction Uterine contractility has a natural circadian rhythm, with the period of maximal activity occurring between 22:00 and 24:00 hours. Pills containing third-generation progestogens may be more effective than second-generation combinations [B], in particular preparations containing drospirenone in combination with either 20 or 30 g ethinyloestradiol [A]. It is recommended that pregnancy should be delayed after treatment with radioactive iodine, probably for a period of a year [D], in view of the higher incidence of congenital anomalies that follow this treatment. While many surgeons may wish to defer heparins until the risk of recurrence is lessened, other measures such as full-length thromboembolic stockings, compression boots and leg exercises can all be safely implemented without increasing the risk of recurrence. The kidneys are enlarged and where there is bilateral disease, the prognosis is fatal. Screening for bacterial vaginosis does not reduce adverse outcomes, particularly preterm birth. Normalisation of the vagina by dilator treatment alone in Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and MayerRokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome. This may be due to obliteration or defective angiogenesis leading to a reduction in the tertiary villi. Biochemical analysis of the seminal fluid can provide information about the prostate, seminal vesicles and epididymis. Generally, nipple discharge, retraction, and axillary adenopathy are absent even with large masses. These lesions tend to resolve, so only 25% of patients exhibit fluid collections 6 months after excision. An epidural anaesthetic may be recommended in order to prevent involuntary expulsive efforts prior to full cervical dilatation, and to permit emergency delivery by caesarean section should the clinical situation demand it. However, as mentioned previously, only in 10 per cent of cases (or 1 in 5000 births) are intrapartum events thought to have been of influence. Where oxygen levels are insufficient to support oxidative phosphorylation, anaerobic metabolism occurs. The Drug and Therapeutics and Executive Committees of the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society. A carefully placed posterior mediolateral episiotomy will be needed if there is rigid scar tissue. Consideration should be given to karyotyping the fetus by sending placental tissue for cytogenetic analysis (with informed consent). Of note, randomized, controlled trials have failed to show any benefit from continuous as opposed to intermittent monitoring in moderately preterm births [B]. However, haematomas can occur without any perineal laceration, due to stretching and avulsion of vessels during delivery. In the majority of cases, spontaneous version to longitudinal lie will occur prior to membrane rupture or labour onset. For example, a 10:00 lesion in the upright position may become a 9:00 lesion in the supine position.

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However, they are associated with renal toxicity in the fetus2 and should be avoided in pregnancy [D]. Neurotransmitters can be found in the fetal brain from very early gestations, and it is likely that they are involved in neuronal migration and establishment of synaptic circuitry. Continual electronic fetal monitoring with early recourse to fetal scalp sampling is strongly advisable. Currently, efforts are focused on reducing intermediate adverse outcomes in the hope that long-term permanent adverse outcomes (death and handicap) can be avoided. It is meant as a screening health check, although there has been much controversy concerning its usefulness. Some couples want intensive counselling and contact with the medical team, whereas others want time away from what has become an emotionally painful environment. Low levels of T4 will increase this activity, producing more active thyroid hormone. Primary varicella infection in adults is associated with more complications: pneumonia, encephalitis and hepatitis are the most common. Past medical history It is important to establish any previous medical disorders that may affect either fertility or pregnancy. Ventouse carries the same risks, but in addition should be avoided in infants of less than 35 completed weeks of gestation. As there is little proof that steroids are beneficial, their use may lead to overoptimism. As the hematoma resolves, a seroma or oil cyst may form, producing a well-defined round or oval mass. Mammographic features of local recurrence in women who have undergone breast-conserving therapy for ductal carcinoma in situ. This group includes itinerant people (travellers), who tend to turn up at the wrong time or day at the antenatal clinic or fail to keep appointments. If an eclamptic fit occurs, magnesium sulphate is the prophylaxis of choice, as demonstrated by the Eclampsia Trial [B]. After 38 weeks, in most cases of suspected abruption, delivery should be considered. The studies that look at larger groups employing such techniques are fraught with technical difficulties and at best are difficult to interpret and at worst, meaningless. A longer passive second stage is usually encouraged to reduce the need for the Valsalva manouevre, with early recourse to instrumental delivery [E]. This technique, described in Egypt, involves five steps: unilateral ligation of the uterine artery at the level of the lower segment; bilateral ligation of the uterine artery at the level of the lower segment; low ligation of the uterine artery after mobilization of the bladder; unilateral ovarian vessel ligation; and bilateral ovarian vessel ligation [D]. It is confirmed with echocardiography showing left ventricular dysfunction and often dilatation of all four chambers of the heart. Home uterine activity monitors An increase in painless uterine activity may precede the onset of labour. Unless affected by coexisting asphyxia, many infants can be initially managed by administering humidified oxygen therapy via a headbox. Ureteroscopy with Holmium laser is an option in pregnancy for stones smaller than 1 cm, and without sepsis. It is an irreversible procedure and the failure rates quoted are the same as for the other methods of tubal occlusion. Relaxin In a few small clinical trials, this agent has been administered as a vaginal gel in an attempt to induce cervical ripening. In the right upper outer quadrant, there is an irregular hypoechoic mass that corresponds to the architectural distortion identified on. The use of lidocaine spray has been evaluated and shown to have no effect on pain, but possibly a small reduction in trauma rates [B]. Augmentation of labour: Does internal tocography result in better obstetric outcome.

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At one edge of the mass (arrowheads), there are dilated ducts (arrows) consistent with ductal extension of tumor. Ideally, two to three people make an effective team: one to look after the airway, one to look after the cardiovascular circulation and the third to assist with drugs, fluids and additional equipment. The wish to avoid a further abdominal delivery must be balanced against the increased morbidity that occurs if an emergency caesarean section is required. The neonatal mortality rate continued to fall, but there was no change in the stillbirth rate, which indeed has remained largely unaltered since 1992, when the 24-week definition of stillbirth was introduced. Ovarian reserve tests Another test added to the investigation of couples with infertility includes assessment of ovarian reserve. Many women are understandably reluctant to use any drugs, but particularly steroids, in pregnancy and therefore, if they are used, this must be with adequate counselling regarding their safety in pregnancy to ensure concordance with therapy [E]. Aspirin, calcium and fish oils have gained the most focus in this regard, although other substances, such as magnesium, zinc and even rhubarb, have been investigated. There are no trials to instruct the practitioner in this and adapting information from published reports, such as the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths, is fraught with difficulty. As fetal urine begins to enter the amniotic cavity, amniotic fluid osmolality decreases compared with fetal blood. There have been no studies Sterilization 553 Both men and women should be informed that reversal operations are rarely provided by the National Health Service. Drugs that interfere with the inflammatory effects of leukotrienes include drugs that block their production by the inhibition of lipooxygenase (see p. Endocarditis Prophylactic antibiotics to prevent endocarditis are not needed for insertion and removal of implants [E]. Women planning pregnancy or who become pregnant after breast cancer should consult their clinical oncologist, surgeon and obstetrician. These patients will not be able to complete sentences, will have a pulse >110 beats/min, a respiratory rate of >25/min and a peak flow of <50 per cent predicted or personal best. Low-dose regimens can be embraced and topped up slowly and carefully if required for operative delivery [E]. This significantly affects their social abilities, their marital relations and frequently their work performance [D]. Vascular disruption secondary to cocaine use has also been postulated as a cause for the increase in gut, genitourinary and limb defects reported by some authors. The transfer of infection and malignancy are other possible hazards of organ grafting. Isoflurane and sevoflurane, two fluorinated, potent inhalational anaesthetics, have been studied in labour at low doses, but not yet widely adopted. The mass is connected to hyperechoic tissue (arrows) that corresponds to the central mammographic fibroglandular density. In comparison to women of White ethnicity, women of Black ethnicity and Asian ethnicity had approximately twice the rate of stillbirths and neonatal deaths. The evidence on whether a single layer closure is associated with higher rates of subsequent rupture is conflicting. Optimal imaging is also dependent on the body habitus and flexibility of the patient. If the imager cannot detect the lump, or if the patient is not sure of the exact location of the lump, then palpation of the entire quadrant is useful.


  • Viruses, such as the flu virus, are also a common cause of pneumonia. 
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm can cause a pulsating mass around the navel.
  • A tear in the meniscal cartilage of the knee
  • Weakness, loss of muscle tone
  • Joint infections
  • IgM component: 75 to 300 mg/dL

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Radiotherapy for head, neck and brain tumours usually carries a fetal dose exposure of <10 cGy due to the distance between the field and the uterus. Hysteroscopic division of intrauterine adhesions and excision of polyps are usually straightforward, with low morbidity. Mammography is safe with appropriate shielding but has a lower sensitivity in pregnancy. Primary infection is usually asymptomatic, although fever, cough, conjunctivitis and erythema nodosum may all occur. Phenytoin and carbamazepine may also cause an increase in childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma, although the rarity of these makes statistical certainty difficult [C]. Past history of breast cancer and no evidence of recurrence for five years; carriers of known gene mutations associated with breast cancer. Even though internal landmarks solve the problems of limited sonographic field of view and positional changes, many examiners are inhibited from using internal breast landmarks, as there is great anatomical variation between different breasts. Many neurons do not die during this primary phase; they do, however, appear vulnerable to further injury and death as a result of severe cerebrovascular dysfunction. Secondary arrest in the second stage of labour the second stage of labour is the period from full cervical dilatation to delivery of the fetus, and is a continuum in the process of labour and not a static phase. However, where these measures fail, it is important to bear in mind the possibility of partial obstruction of menstrual flow. Management of Rhesus disease should be based on: the maternal antibody titres, the paternal genotype, the past obstetric history, specific screening tests of fetal anaemia. Smoking is also a risk factor for preterm premature rupture of the fetal membranes. Physically demanding work has been associated with poor outcomes, such as preterm birth, pre-eclampsia and low birth weight. It can be difficult to measure obstetric blood loss accurately, as the loss may be concealed (placental abruption) or diluted by amniotic fluid. Intrapartum blood pressure control Blood pressure should be measured frequently (every 15 minutes) [E]. The intranasal route tends to be less costly, while depot administration improves compliance. However, it has not been demonstrated that this observed prolongation of at risk pregnancies is associated with an improvement in perinatal outcomes. The immediate causes of death include respiratory distress syndrome, infection, neurological causes and gastrointestinal causes. These include: luteoma of pregnancy, follicular cyst of pregnancy, hyperreactio luteinalis, granulosa cell proliferations, hilus cell hyperplasia, ectopia deciduo. Ultrasound is useful, although less so during the third trimester, or if the appendix has perforated. Many of these aetiologies have common pathways via hypovolaemia, whether it be absolute hypovolaemia, as in haemorrhage, or relative hypovolaemia secondary to changes in the autonomic nervous system, as in uterine inversion. Fifteen per cent reported limitation of daily activity and lack of relief from analgesics and 7. Although regimens vary, treatment usually includes therapy with rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and sometimes ethambutol. Radionuclide activity is evident in the malignant mass (arrowheads), as well as in a single (sentinel) axillary node (arrow). Health-economic evaluation has indicated that routine screening of pregnant women would not be cost effective [C]. The period of organogenesis between 5 and 10 weeks is, however, a critically sensitive time. Imaging findings in mucin-containing carcinomas of the breast: correlation with pathologic features.

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Sonography was used intraoperatively to identify the dilated duct demonstrated in. Skin lesions Skin lesions are a common cause of concern in the otherwise well newborn infant. In the inferior breast, there is an irregular contrast-enhancing spiculated mass (arrows). Rarer defects in the abdominal wall may be diagnosed, known as bladder and cloacal extrophy. If the morphology is clearly suspicious, such as a spiculated mass, then biopsy should be recommended, regardless of the appearance of the kinetic curve. By comparison, the active phase is associated with changes in cervical dilatation, from 3 to 10 cm, and may be divided into: acceleration: between the latent phase and maximum slope; maximum slope: linear dilatation with time; deceleration phase: at the end of the active phase and prior to full dilatation. Aluminium-containing antacids may cause constipation, and magnesium-containing antacids may cause diarrhoea. Caesarean section should be for routine obstetric reasons and general anaesthesia avoided if at all possible. Other important tasks that may be delegated in the acute situation include informing neonatal unit staff who will be looking after the infant following resuscitation and communicating with the parents, who need to be informed of events as early and fully as possible. Living donors are the normal source of bone marrow or haematopoietic stem cells for transplantation and can donate on successive occasions. Studies suggest that vaginal enlargement self-dilatation therapy is successful in up to 86 per cent of cases. One must always respect the wishes of the patient and her cultural and religious beliefs, no matter how challenging the consequences appear. Most strategies to prevent shoulder dystocia are either ineffective (early induction) or lead to excessive intervention (elective caesarean section). Fetal liver dysfunction (in chronically anaemic fetuses with increased extramedullary erythropoiesis or portal hypertension) can also result in decreased hepatic production of proteins that result in reduced intravascular oncotic pressure. During the neonatal period, the main concern is one of feeding, and referral for specialist advice at an early stage is paramount. A urine sample should be sent for culture to identify asymptomatic bacteriuria [B]. Women who have not required treatment with insulin in the antenatal period are less likely to require intravenous insulin and dextrose. Outcomes in very preterm infants have been shown to be improved if there is a senior paediatrician present at delivery. Conduct of the labour General management Some general steps can be taken on admission in labour to minimize the risks to the mother and fetus. Adenomyosis at hysterectomy: a study on frequency distribution and patient characteristics. This approach therefore yields a higher detection rate than any other screening test at a given falsepositive rate. The ideal setting for follow up for women experiencing persistent problems after delivery is a dedicated perineal dysfunction clinic. In this case, complex implant folds (radial folds) simulated collapse of the ruptured implant shell. It should be noted that although such classification systems are useful in the management of disease associated with impaired fertility, they correlate poorly with pain symptoms [C]. Nonetheless, it is generally conceded that the embryo or fetus of the human species is worthy of some respect. The needle is shown in the transversus abdominis plane, and the fascial layers have separated as a result of the injection of local anesthetic Anaesthesia for caesarean section 397 of analgesia for labour to surgical anaesthesia for caesarean section takes around 20 minutes. As noted earlier, circumscribed mammographic masses that have well-defined or obscured margins should be ex- 2 Approach to Mammographic Analysis A B.

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An epidural should always be considered in situations in which there is judged to be a considerable risk of shoulder dystocia, particularly if it is felt that maternal distress may interfere with co-operation. It is self-evident that fetal monitoring can only be of use when the baby is alive at the onset of labour. The smallest thickness or diameter of a benign calcification is more than 1 to 2 mm. Management during the first stage Procedure: breech delivery the principle of vaginal breech delivery is to allow the spontaneous delivery of the fetus through the combination of uterine activity and maternal expulsive efforts. The most experienced obstetrician available should manage labour, with continuous fetal monitoring as standard. Use of both methadone and heroin carries a 6-fold increase in neonatal mortality risk. Women who have had defibulation performed during pregnancy or delivery should be re-examined in any future pregnancy, as re-infibulation between pregnancies is not uncommon. It is not acceptable to use a ventouse when: the position of the fetal head is unknown; there is a significant degree of caput that may either preclude correct placement of the cup or, more sinisterly, indicate a substantial degree of cephalo-pelvic disproportion; the operator is inexperienced in the use of the instrument. Reasons for missing the location or not recognizing the mass include examiner inexperience and poor sonographic technique. Anaemia caused by parvovirus infection is potentially the most treatable condition [E]. For posttreatment lesions, residual malignancy is defined as any tissue, within the region of previous tumor, with enhancement greater than normal parenchyma. Besides breast cancer, metastatic disease from other distant primaries may present in this manner. In women judged to be at particularly high risk, obstetricians should consider the prophylactic use of some of the simple measures described below in order to avoid delay in delivery of the shoulders. The effectiveness of a screening test will depend upon whether all the cases with the condition being tested for give a positive result, otherwise some cases will be missed (false-negative result). Other indications, such as multi-fetal pregnancy, abruptio placenta, placenta praevia, fetal disease and maternal disease, are less common. In the Term Breech trial, 10 per cent of women allocated to elective cesarean section delivered vaginally; delivery may be too quick for surgical intervention. The successful longterm establishment of breastfeeding is dependent upon frequent feeding,6 and this is obviously complicated when the parties are physically separated or when one or other party is too ill to feed. Antenatal complications: maternal Chapter 8 Medication in pregnancy Clare L Tower prescription of high-dose folic acid groups at particular risk. Due to differences in pathologic examination and definition of multicentricity, studies have reported the prevalence of multicentricity as between 9 and 75%. In either case, if there is no change in the presentation over the time allotted, the delivery should be by caesarean section. Prostaglandins may be given via the oral, intravaginal, intracervical or intravenous routes to good effect (Table 25. Pre-eclampsia and risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer in later life: systematic review and meta-analysis. Certain skin conditions have a genetic component and the offspring may be at risk of the condition themselves. Even if the lump is obvious, the imager should scan the lump and reconfirm the location of the lump by moving a finger into the scan plane. Nuva ring the Nuva ring is a flexible, latex-free ring made of plastic and ethylene vinyl acetate which releases 120 g of etonogestrel and 15 g of ethinyl oestrdiol daily. The major factor accounting for the failure to prevent congenital infection is the lack of adequate antenatal care. When the plan needs to be changed (such as may occur when new information comes to light), it is important to explain clearly why the changes need to be made and how this will improve the prospects of a healthy pregnancy. A recent retrospective review found deterioration in 19 per cent, improvement in 22 per cent and no change in 59 per cent. Clumped enhancement in a focal location looks like a bunch of grapes or, when linear, looks like a string of pearls. It is also reported that most women experience a minor bleed before any major bleeding.