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When these are performed after tip surgery, the external nasal dressing and splint can be applied immediately for maximum haemostasis. The prominence of the incisive nerve can interfere with implant placement in the central incisor position. At the leading ear (the ear towards which the movement is directed), the firing rate increases and at the following ear, the firing rate decreases. Rasps and powered burrs may be used to smooth off any bony irregularity or to finely adjust the bony height. Rhinoplasty, A practical guide to functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose, 2nd edn. Obviously, this factor will be affected by any pathology in the mobility of the middle ear apparatus. Radiation therapy has not only a number of wellrecognized local effects, but also systemic ones which include effects on the lymphatic system and tumour growth. The role of the kinocilium is the transmission of stimulus forces to the stereocilia, but this appears not to be essential for mechanotransduction. It first lies inferior to the tube, then crosses to the medial side and spreads out into the soft palate. Metronidazole and or Augmentin (or equivalent, in penicillin-sensitive patients) are appropriate antibiotics for most peri-implant infections. The incision extends into the hair-bearing skin before coursing parallel to the occipital hairline. Four common anatomic variants that predispose to unfavorable rhinoplasty results: A study based on 150 consecutive secondary rhinoplasties. Once healed, these chambers could not be removed because the bone had grown directly against the titanium frames. The diaphragm and the plate form a parallel plate capacitor condenser whose capacitance is modified by deflection of the diaphragm towards or away from the backplate. The patient became increasingly depressed with the prosthesis and was referred for an implant-based solution. When this happens, carving and framework assembly can become very difficult, and rotating burrs and power tools are essential. In patients selected for implants it is essential to plan the optimum position for retention without compromising aesthetics. Of these, nine tumours were found suggesting that approximately a third of patients may benefit from the procedure. The wave shows variations in the pressure of the air, and the velocity and displacement of the molecules. As noted earlier, the upper surfaces of hair cells and their supporting cells, and the pillar cells, are held together by tight junctions. Studies on the gain of surface area afforded by the three most commonly shaped expanders have determined that rectangular expanders provide the greatest expansion at 38 percent, crescentshaped expanders provide 32 percent and round expanders provide only 25 percent. It is reliable, with a long pedicle of greater than 10 cm, which can be further lengthened by dividing the circumflex scapular artery. The trace indicates a series of slow eye deviations to the right (upward) followed by fast beat to the left (downward). Metoclopramide and domperidone act on peripheral dopamine receptors in the stomach and upper bowel enhancing normal motility. The occipital artery crosses the posterior part of the internal jugular vein and this should also be ligated now to prevent further troublesome bleeding. Sound localization and the external ear the most powerful cues for sound localization are provided by binaural interactions. Typically, it is not evident in the early postoperative period but shows up as the swelling settles. There is a broadly tuned, relatively small component, which depends on the purely passive mechanical properties of the basilar membrane and cochlear fluids. There are three types of rotationally induced eye movements: horizontal, vertical and torsional. It is prudent to remove as much parotid tissue as possible lest imperceptible implantation had taken place. In its original form (as described by McGregor and McGregor2), the axial forehead flap based on the anterior branch of the temporal artery was one of the first flaps used in intraoral reconstruction.

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These different activities are happening at different times in different parts of the labyrinth so that damage or derangements at specific times give rise to many peculiar and varied abnormalities. Any deterioration due to , for instance, anoxia, mixing of the endolymph or perilymph, interference with the blood supply, or bleeding into the scalae, will reduce the response. A randomised trial of pre-operative radiotherapy in cancer of the oropharynx and hypopharynx. The apex of the cartilage is attached to the isthmus of the bony portion, while the wider medial end protrudes into the nasopharynx, lying directly under the mucosa to form the torus tubarius. It does have fewer renally excreted metabolites than morphine and is useful in patients with mild to moderate renal failure and in those with adverse reactions to morphine. Death is a natural event and doctors should strive as much as possible to avoid making it a medicalized process. More major abnormalities, such as a saddle nose or ski-slope deformity, alar retraction, pollybeak deformity, tip and alar-columella deformities, and pinching of the lateral alar walls, are likely to be due to surgical failure. It is important at this stage to check for an air leak since drain failure can have disastrous results. Aesthetic refinements in use of forehead for nasal reconstruction: the paramedian forehead flap. The effects of external- and middle-ear filtering on auditory threshold and noise-induced hearing loss. Twenty dives before and ten dives after surgery, at two atmospheres pressure, are recommended as a minimum. A bigger tumour will require greater access, most easily by a mandibulotomy of the ramus above the lingula. If sound is absent, pressure is still present (atmospheric pressure) but the air is at rest. The amount of ear left (particularly the lower third) or the position and shape of remnants can make autogenous reconstruction a more viable option. These thin flaps will make attractive alternatives for use in certain cases of head and neck resurfacing. The mechanism by which the crossed olivocochlear bundle affects hair cells, in particular, remains to be fully understood. It would seem that locoregional control is improved by this treatment modality65 although survival is not. Once the pharynx has been opened, the larynx is retracted to the opposite side and surgery commenced. It has been used successfully to reconstruct a wide variety of difficult oronasal mucosal defects, including defects of the palate, alveolus, nasal septum, antrum, upper and lower lips, floor of the mouth and soft palate. It is a basic principle of cancer surgery that the main vein draining the primary tumour being removed should be divided first. There are fine links running upwards from the tips of the shorter stereocilia on the hair cell, which join the adjacent taller stereocilia of the next row. Meta-analysis of second malignant tumors in head and neck cancer: the case for an endoscopic screening protocol. The surgeon, however, should be able to reconcile the inevitable gap that will occur between the ideal face and the obvious limitations of individual faces, by balancing mechanics against the visible laws of beauty. Other important considerations, such as laser skin resurfacing and blepharoplasty are covered in Chapter 58, Laser principles in Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery; and Chapter 221, Blepharoplasty. Intervals between injections can be from 4 to 14 days, with once a week being favourable. The most commonly injured nerve in facelift surgery is the greater auricular nerve. In general, the larger a rotation flap the better, but this should be counterbalanced by the anatomical restraints within the head and neck region. This led to the suspicion that the sharp tuning might be derived from the mechanics, and that the basilar membrane was much more sharply tuned than Bekesy had shown. Type I cells in the central part of the macula contain parvalbumin and are innervated by large diameter fibres containing calretinin.

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Once the natural history of the disease is altered, lymph node metastases can occur anywhere. However, attempts to correlate such appearance to behaviour have been unconvincing. Again, most recurrences occurred within the first two years and most occurred in patients already treated for primary nodal disease. Excision of a tumour should always be complete without any consideration of skimping on the reconstruction, since it is better to have a large scar than a small tombstone! An oblique incision begins in the temporal hair tuft region and varies for the individual patient. It may be that the decision not to reconstruct is as a need to look for evidence of any recurrent disease at the defect site, prior to any secondary reconstruction. The bony covering of the canal is often deficient in its tympanic segment where the muscle is replaced by a slender tendon. In addition, in many animals, and especially in humans, the ears form a major part of a communication system. A cartilagesplitting incision combined with an intercartilaginous incision may be used to bucket handle down a bipedicled chondrocutaneous flap of cartilage and vestibular skin carrying the piece of cartilage to be removed, akin to a delivery approach. Chapter 222 the ageing face] 3073 the entire incision is closed in a layered fashion over a 1/4 inch penrose or suction drain. The oculocardiac reflex, characterized by intraoperative bradycardia or dysrhythmia, can be triggered by traction on the extraocular muscles or orbital fat pads. Finally, the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion or Schwartz-Bartter syndrome, is well recognized in head and neck cancer. The flap must be a consistent thickness or else postoperative irregularities in the contour will be visible. Rarely, the lacrimal gland may be injured or even resected, causing dry eye symptoms. The skin of the leg often darkens later and for the face, the upper arms and trunk are better donor sites. A specific effect on low frequency fibres can be expected if the stiffness of the cochlear partition has been increased by the hydrops, because this is the characteristic pattern of change with increases in stiffness in a mechanical system. Mathematically, a sinusoid repeats for an infinite time, and has a spectrum consisting of a line. These flaps are therefore best used for composite mandibular defects with large extraoral and intraoral skin and mucosal defects. The deep auricular branch of the first part of the maxillary artery arises in the parotid gland behind the temporomandibular joint, pierces the cartilage or bone of the external meatus and supplies the anterior meatal wall skin and the epithelium of the outer surface of the tympanic membrane. It may be used for elective treatment of the N0 neck but, as previously described, there are more conservative procedures currently available to treat this condition. The nasal valve, the inner lining of the nose and its supporting cartilages, determine whether it works. Large randomized controlled trial of radiation versus chemoradiotherapy (either induction or concurrent). Mechanical bases of frequency tuning and neural excitation at the base of the cochlea: comparison of basilar-membrane vibrations and auditory-nerve-fiber responses in chinchilla. This summary is intended to draw these points together and add some complementary data that also support these functional concepts. It is believed they function to suppress outer hair cell motility to make the cells less sensitive, providing protection from very loud sounds. Undifferentiated mesenchymal cells migrate into the area and produce an extracellular matrix. Reconstructive surgery over the past many centuries has been largely focused on the correction of deformities of the head and neck. This study has shown that these procedures tended to lead to a distinct reduction of intratracheal pressure required to phonate, i.

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The key to correcting tip asymmetry is a stable and symmetrical base formed by the columella strut. The semicircular canals and the otoliths provide the inputs for the vestibuloocular reflex. The acrylic dentures are easily adjusted during the healing phase to avoid loading the implant and operative sites and causing unnecessary pain and implant loss through overload. However, there is often evidence of a shallow notch approximately halfway along where the rows indent slightly, and the ends of the bundle tend to curve round to some degree towards the modiolus. Due to the direct relation between gaze stabilization for a given head movement, the provocative manoeuvre should be clearly identified with the concomitant possible aberrant nystagmus. Reanimation is usually best carried out before the age of seven years since retraining is more easily accomplished at this age. The seventh nerve provides impulse to the facial musculature and particularly in the act of smiling in response to emotion. A continuum of effects is observed as the frequency separation between two sinusoids is slowly increased from a very small value. Equally good results are achieved with external beam radiotherapy (which may be more acceptable in elderly patients). If there is no extension of tumour through the anterior maxilla, then a thick cheek flap is elevated containing full thickness of muscle and fat from the underlying maxilla. In head and neck infection, pain develops rapidly with no systemic signs such as pyrexia or neutrophilia. Larynx preservation surgery for advanced posterior wall carcinoma with free flap reconstruction: critical appraisal. He found that the inferior edge of the membrane was flaccid and it was here that the movements were greatest. The corresponding rise in pressure is the sound pressure p superimposed on the prevailing atmospheric pressure P in the cavity. Hence, by differentiating the function relating threshold to Df, the shape of the filter is obtained. Differentiation progresses from base to apex so that at any one time various stages of development can be seen in appropriately prepared material. A number of radiobiological factors, which may influence the response of both normal tissue and tumours to ionizing radiation, have now been investigated by randomized clinical trials of modified radiation fractionation. Chapter 229 Physiology of hearing] 3197 or most sensitive, frequencies near the stimulus (see below under the responses of auditory nerve fibres). In search of the optimal treatment of keloids: report of a series and a review of the literature. If the components are closely spaced in frequency, say 1000 and 1030 Hz, then a single sound is perceived corresponding to the mixture of the two. The airways can cope with small amounts of aspirated material and it has been shown that in patients who aspirate, approximately 40 percent do so silently without any clinical signs or symptoms, their aspiration only being visible with videofluroscopy or nasal endoscopy. In general, the phase of the pressure differs from that of the velocity by an angle which we have called f radians. Tip and alar-columella deformities include bossa formation (knob-like protuberances in the region of the domes), pinching of the nasal tip, columella retraction and alar retraction. The selection of method is frequently based on personal experience, known effective procedures or individual bias. When extensive dead bone is open to the oral cavity or extraoral skin, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has little place. The shape of the auricular composite grafts makes them suitable for use in nasal surgery. Toxic chemoradiation regimens are rarely used for palliation in Liverpool, but fortnightly Chapter 196 Tumours of the hypopharynx and oesophagus] 2651 injections of methotrexate (50 mg) have a palliative role100, 106, 107 and cisplatin can produce a very beneficial response in selected patients. As can be seen, there are commissural connections at various points and multiple collaterals that make the pathway very intricate. Obstructive sleep apnoea has been described when medial displacement of the lateral pharyngeal wall is pronounced. The words vibration and oscillation are nearly, but perhaps not quite, synonymous. The arteries, capillaries and veins together with all of the other local networks of communication are in the base. Happily, there has been an increase in survival for all sites over the past ten years.

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If cancer is found, the examination should continue with a rigid oesophagoscope to assess fixation and obtain several large biopsies. This facilitates mechanical cleaning with brushes, sponges, floss and plastic scalers as appropriate. If gross or frozen section histology of nerve involvement is found at operation, the nerve should be sacrificed and immediate nerve grafting carried out. A distance of at least 10 mm has been left between the inferior aspect of the brow and the superior aspect of the blepharoplasty. A period of time, perhaps two weeks, for the patient to reflect upon what has been said is invaluable. For instance, if the medial and lateral crura are reduced in length, the tip is deprojected, whereas if they are augmented projection is achieved. With subcuticular suturing and the benefit of older skin, the scar is relatively inconspicuous and the procedure is effective. The problem comes with deficiencies in the inner lining which is much more rigid than the external skin and can limit the lengthening of the dorsum and downward rotation of the tip. Recent studies suggest that rapid force production driven by a calcium-dependent process could enhance the mechanoelectrical transduction response to amplify the very smallest stimuli. In patients who are at a risk of injuring themselves or others, then some medication may be needed. Reconstruction of the caudal septal end and repositioning of the septal cartilage. This technique does not disturb the contour of the chin skin or damage facial or mental nerves. Removal earlier than this leaves an augmented site with soft immature tissue that tends to resorb. A full length transfixion incision may be used in cases with an over-projected tip. The internal carotid artery and the internal auditory meatus run through the bony petrous apex. Fast neutron therapy improves locoregional control but at the expense of potentially devastating damage to the irradiated site. Johnson36 describes a method of tip deprojection by excision of excessive elements of the nasal septum and anterior spine, followed by reprojection of the domes using tip grafts and suture techniques. At 0 dB the value expressed in decibels is, by definition, equal to the reference value. The blood supply of the jejunum arises from approximately five branches arising from the superior mesenteric artery with a total of 12 to 15 branches to the jejunum and ileum. An overview of randomised trials of adjuvant chemotherapy in head and neck cancer. As a general rule, previous radiotherapy is not a contraindication to grafting but the tissue in question should be assessed at the time of the surgery. The donor site is painful, particularly when the entire crest is harvested, and perioperative mobilization can be an issue especially in elderly patients. Schatz30 suggested that hair bundle length might be related to frequency selectivity and that longer hair bundles, such as those encountered in the vestibular hair cells, contribute to the low frequency selectivity in the vestibular organs. The main controversies regarding the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer are as follows: mode of investigation; progression from a low-risk patient to a high-risk patient This results in anaesthesia of the anterior neck skin, which can be particularly troublesome to men when shaving. Similarly, a lateral mandibulotomy cutting through the inferior alveolar nerve is also contraindicated. It consists of a superior and an inferior group of cells associated with the superior and inferior vestibular nerve. It has been questioned why the basilar membrane shows these very sharply tuned and nonlinear responses, and why they are so vulnerable.


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The upper third, or bony vault, usually requires osteotomies, which need to be carefully tailored to the specific deformity dependent on the presence or absence of a dorsal hump. It seems unlikely that they could improve upon the overall tumour-specific survival for treatable head and neck cancer, achieved in major centres of around 60 percent. In myocutaneous perforators, a small cuff of muscle is left around the pedicle to protect the small perforating branches. The mechanical properties investigated by a microprobe held in a micromanipulator show that the hairs appear quite stiff and pivot around their base. This should be considered as a salvage technique only, as better free tissue transfer techniques are available. Other cutaneous axial flaps, such as the nasolabial flap, have already been mentioned. It can be dealt with by applying a graft between the skin and the graft bed or by injection of botulinum toxin A. Expansion of tumours in the poststyloid compartment is limited by anatomical constraints and thus, pressure on nerves with accompanying nerve palsy is not uncommon, even in benign tumours. The dissection for the myocutaneous flap begins laterally over the rectus the rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap has been widely used in head and neck reconstruction. It should also be noted that there could be a second primary lesion presenting synchronously. Ultimately, the patient is almost certainly going to require treatment and a failure to provide prompt treatment after diagnosis may in itself lead to litigation. Because of the considerably greater effort and cost involved in revascularized tissue reconstruction, it is important to establish its efficacy and superiority over less complex reconstruction techniques to justify its routine use. The soft tissue muscular attachments in the floor of mouth are divided and this allows the mandible to be retracted laterally. Cancer of the ear also presents in a number of younger patients, many of whom are not willing to consider a prosthetic solution. There are times when it may be important to add to a note that has already been written. These are the lesser occipital, greater auricular, transverse cutaneous nerve of the neck, supraclavicular nerves and probably some motor branches to the trapezius (see below); the descendens hypoglossi. Incisions should be made at the junction of aesthetic segments in order to disguise them. In my experience, liver metastases are found next in frequency and they tend to be small and multiple. Cross-links between stereocilia in the guinea pig organ of Corti, and their possible relation to sensory transduction. At this point a note of caution should be sounded in relation to the diagnosis of a branchial cyst in patients over the age of 40 years. Using induction chemotherapy then chemoradiotherapy in responders, a survival of up to 64 percent may be achievable with a three-year progression-free survival with organ preservation of 52 percent, allowing a conclusion in this carefully selected group that patients with base of tongue or hypopharyngeal cancer treated with this regimen of induction chemotherapy followed by definitive chemoradiotherapy have a good rate of organ preservation without compromise of survival. Horizontal or vertical retinal image motion of a target should be held below 5 degrees/second in order to maintain visual acuity. Grafting should be confined to the area to be implanted as extensive sinus grafting is unnecessary and increases postoperative morbidity. Current options for mandibular reconstruction involve pedicled composite flaps, metallic bridging reconstruction plates and composite microvascular free flaps. In the case of piriform fossa cancer, 35 percent of patients treated by irradiation had control at the primary site compared to 68 percent in the surgery group. The open approach allows the use of a burr or reduction of the soft tissue envelope at the nasion to deepen the nasofrontal angle. Histological grading is not reliable in this tumour50 but some authors have noted that the papillary cystic variety results in a high mortality. Enhanced acute radiation reactions are to be expected and require intensive patient management. At the same time, fibres grow into the fibrin, which convert the adhesive clot into a more definite fibrous tissue attachment that increases over the ensuing days so that, by five days, reasonable anchorage has occurred. The lateral wall of the oropharynx includes the tonsil, the tonsillar fossae, the faucial pillars and, more posteriorly, the lateral pharyngeal wall that blends into the posterior wall.

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Gillies treated and documented the care of numerous patients and developed his craft at Sidcup. The circumflex scapular artery provides nutrient and periosteal supply to the lateral border of the scapula, then divides into two perforating branches which supply the skin overlying the scapula. Following adequate excision of the vermilion border, the mucosa of the residual labial sulcus aspect of the lower lip is mobilized down to the gingival buccal sulcus. Applied in large amounts, these drugs enter the hair cells and interfere with protein synthesis on the ribosomes, resulting in hair cell damage or even cell death. The external rhinoplasty approach gives the greatest exposure of any of the rhinoplasty incisions. However, swallowing outcomes are more questionable, with only half swallowing well at one month and longterm gastrostomy feeding not uncommon, especially where one arytenoid is lost. Sound particles are, then, indefinitely small so that their movement truly represents the movement of air in their locality. In addition, it can aid the interpretation of serum thyroglobulin measurements during the follow-up period and it also facilitates detection and early treatment of persistent or metastatic disease in the absence of remaining normal tissue. Toker5 described four distinct growth patterns of squamous cell carcinoma within cervical lymph nodes. The primary causes of failure to refer to a colleague are trust policy (if the colleague is in another Trust), private practice jealousies and dysfunctional relationships. For small nodules of the isthmus, removal of the central portion of the gland with at least a 1 cm margin is adequate. Maintaining the lower border of the mandible in resection of alveolar carcinoma is important to the function. The dip arises from cancellation between multiple outof-phase reflections off the back wall of the pinna and concha. Ideally the tumour should be peeled off the nerve, although microscopic deposits may be left behind to be dealt with by radioactive iodine. The zygomaticus muscles, the depressor of the lower lip and the buccinator work in consort to produce a resolving force which pull the angle of the mouth laterally, the upper and lower lips in opposite directions Results In a series of 260 muscle grafts to the face in the treatment of unilateral facial palsy, 244 were employed using the pectoralis minor and 16 used latissimus dorsi (Table 223. There is no apparent predominance in either sex and all salivary glands can be affected. Where a fixed prosthesis is used, it should be removable so that examination of the local area and the supporting implants can be easily undertaken. In a limited low level maxillectomy for palatal or alveolus squamous cell carcinoma, it is important to maintain as much of the soft tissue musculature of the soft palate as possible. Volume velocity describes the vibratory movement of air in terms of the volume flowing per second. Typical is a rotatory type of vertigo, although unsteadiness and a nautic form of disequilibrium also occur. Therefore, there are two suture lines in the canal wall with the tympanosquamous anteriorly and the tympanomastoid posteriorly. Applying petroleum jelly to the lips helps to prevent the development of cracks and fissures. A slender tendon emerges from the apex of the pyramid and inserts into the stapes. Numerous authors have reviewed functional outcomes following oral cavity reconstruction and have all come to similar conclusions. Having defined these structures, the muscle can then be divided from the second, third and fourth ribs and taken onto the face. The main structures contained in the anterior compartment include the pterygoid and tensor palati muscles, fat and the deep lobe of the parotid gland. However, as just suggested, some quantities such as force and velocity are related to energy through the squares of their values. A greater diagnostic difficulty is that of areas of atypia within the substance of the tumour (intracapsular carcinoma). The antrum, but not the air cells, is well developed at birth and by adult life has a volume of about 2 mL.

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Adjustment is still possible either by cartilage vault reduction and, if insufficient tip projection, by adding an onlay tip graft through the marginal incision or a shield graft which can be sutured into place after reopening the transcolumellar incision. This is potentially mutagenic and concern has been raised, albeit by calculation, about the possible increased risk of second malignancies. Changes in capacitance produced by the response to sound pressure give rise to changes in the electrical potential between the diaphragm and the backplate and, after amplification, to a voltage that is the analogue of the sound pressure. In adolescents and young adults, thyroid cancer is predominantly of the well-differentiated type. The cochlea performs frequency analysis, splitting complex sounds up into component tones and signalling that information to the brain. An extension of the incision is made in the buccal sulcus to allow a short cheek flap to be elevated. If, then, the amplitude and frequency of the input are held constant we will find, after any initial transients have died out, that the output is a sinusoid having exactly the same frequency as the input. The capacitor is charged, either from an external electrical source or internally using a selfcharged material called electret. Aluminium oxide ceramics, tantalum, stainless steel and cobalt and nickelbased alloys have all been shown to osseointegrate, however, titanium remains the material of choice. However, care is required in the preparation of dense bone where the risk of overheating during drilling is greatest. The receptor cells in the utricle and saccule are oriented in such a way that each cell is oriented slightly different from the neighbouring cells, resulting in a multidirectional sensor organ. Ferris Smith, also originally an otolaryngologist, became a prominent American plastic surgeon. An alternative to the lip-splitting approach to the oral cavity is the visor flap. The pollybeak deformity develops within months after surgery and this is because of the surgically induced loss of tip support mechanisms. These tumours carry a uniformly bad prognosis and treatment is often ineffective with the majority of patients dying within a year of presentation. Adjuvant radiotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue base: improved local-regional disease control compared with surgery alone. Type I cells are surrounded by a nerve chalice formed by the terminal end of the afferent nerve fibre. It seems likely that at least the 16 patients with stage 3 disease may have benefited from surgery as well, but this was not carried out in this study. Additional bone augmentation techniques may be required, such as ridge expansion, guided tissue regeneration using membranes and bone grafting of the ridge, sinus floor and nasal floor. A less common pattern involves the deposition of a malignant embolus within the subcapsular sinus, together with the simultaneous arrest of tumour within capsular or juxtacapsular lymphatics. Under these circumstances, the cochlea becomes more broadly tuned and relatively less sensitive. One of the earlier studies to report the use of intralesional steroids found that 88 percent of keloids demonstrated measurable improvement following treatment. Our choice of procedure is therefore for a broad sheet of tensor fascia lata fixed medially at three points, with loops to the central point of the upper and lower lips and to the modiolus, and then drawn laterally under tension fixated to the temporal fascia and the zygomatic arch. The artery is usually accompanied by two venae commitantes that unite after leaving the muscle to drain into a major regional vein. Large or complex defects with a full thickness tissue defect require regional flaps in conjunction with free or local flaps and grafts. The use of frozen sections to confirm adequate surgical excision margins is controversial. Family members found to be affected should be considered for prophylactic total thyroidectomy after screening to exclude a phaeochromocytoma. When islanded, they may be transposed into the oral cavity and, when combined with a similar contralateral flap, may be used to reconstruct defects in the anterior floor of the mouth. Over 50 percent of lesions extend beyond the anatomical confines of the palate at the time of presentation.

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A basic understanding of synthetic materials in facial plastic surgery is helpful before choosing an implant. Further information may be forthcoming from previous operation notes or anaesthetic records. Specific impedances are defined for progressive acoustic waves in an effectively infinite medium. Following treatment, advice on the use of sun block to the lip to prevent recurrence of the original problem is given. It is of great importance to palpate the edge of the nasal bone before making the incision, to prevent separation of the upper laterals from the bony pyramid, a pitfall that can only be corrected with a camouflaging onlay graft. In classical tympanometry this is carried out by subtracting the admittance when the tympanic membrane is stiffened by pressurizing the ear canal, from the admittance at the peak of the tympanogram. It is associated with a high incidence of nodal metastases and its clinical behaviour is similar to nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Inset: detail of the microtubules showing tiny cross sections of actin filaments between them. The presence of recurrent disease should indicate the need for repeated imaging and restaging and any local and regional recurrences should be treated by surgery whenever possible. In contrast to the other areas of the oropharynx, the mucosa is smooth and contains only occasional small aggregates of lymphoid tissue. The effect of xerostomia following radiotherapy and the possible risk of a second carcinoma, especially in the young patient, may support a surgical policy. In addition, there are projections to motor nuclei that contribute to turning the head or moving the eyes in response to sound. The most important type of channels are outwardly rectifying K1 channels (either voltage-gated or calciumdependent). The concept of free tissue transfer had been developed years earlier, but was limited by the quality and availability of microvascular sutures, quality instruments and magnification. Care should be taken not to transfix the nerve and bipolar diathermy should be used on the upper flap. Lymphoma Primary thyroid lymphomas are uncommon, accounting for fewer than 5 percent of all cases of lymphoma. In addition, the presence of extracapsular spread decreases survival rates by approximately half compared with patients whose tumour was confined to the nodes. Much of this can be obtained with volume reduction from the cephalic strip removal from the lower lateral cartilage. The skin of the back, while ideal in terms of colour, has a relatively thick dermis and dense subcutaneous fat, making it an inflexible reconstruction for defects requiring contour changes such as floor of mouth, tongue and palate reconstruction. The submentum should be palpated to determine relative contributions from redundant skin, fatty tissue and platysmal banding. Fidler13 observed that 24 hours after entering the circulation, fewer than 1 percent of injected cells was still viable and less than 0. Another question that needs to be answered regarding occult neck disease is `Does microscopic neck cancer carry a more favourable prognosis than macroscopic neck disease However, the literature suggests that because of the unknown prognostic significance of micrometastases, or indeed implications for additional postoperative treatment, then the extra work involved in discovering it on a routine basis is not currently justified. Meticulous records should be kept throughout treatment and thereafter to form the basis for prospective and audit appraisal of success or failure, and to support a defence against litigation. It should be noted that even after 20 years the actuarial curve was still falling, demonstrating a very long natural history of this disease coupled with an appalling cure rate. The full thickness skin graft (Wolfe graft) contains most of the structures of the skin and is cosmetically superior to split thickness grafts. The oval window membrane is attached to the stirrup bone of the middle ear, through which sound pressure waves enter the cochlear fluids. Temporal coding takes into account the time pattern of responding units, whereas spatial coding involves excitation of different units according to a changing stimulus. Otherwise, a skin graft is required, which makes the cosmetic result less favourable.

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A range of thresholds of auditory nerve fibres contributes here: the population of highthreshold fibres, which are particularly important for signalling the details of high-intensity stimuli, seem particularly vulnerable to ageing. The ones that are often cited include the site, size and number of positive nodes as well as the presence of nodes at multiple levels and extracapsular extension. Larger defects can be closed using a radial forearm fasciocutaneous flap suspended across the palate using the palmaris longus tendon. Their prognostic relevance and relationship with head and neck squamous carcinoma primary sites. Deficiencies in current knowledge and areas for future research Laryngeal cancer is a heterogeneous disease with many combinations of stage and subsite. While surgical reconstruction has improved and is the treatment of choice, there are occasions where prosthetics is a suitable option or if a surgical reconstruction has failed. Historically, numerous materials such as gold, silver, paraffin, ivory, cork, marble and acrylic have been employed. In both of the above indications, these operations are usually carried out bilaterally due to the natural history of disease and a high incidence of bilateral metastases. When based on the submental branch of the facial artery, this requires preservation of muscularity in an area of oncological significance which may have to be addressed in the resection. Between the scala media and the scala tympani the border is drawn around the top edge of the organ of Corti, along the reticular lamina. To avoid injury to the perforators to the skin and assure appropriate venous drainage of the skin flap, most authors advocate harvesting a cuff of flexor hallucis longus and soleus. Interventional studies (randomized controlled trials) to judge the effect of counselling, social support, etc. However it is now an essential and welcome addition to the practice of reconstructive surgical and prosthetic techniques. The inferior limit is a little variable with the tip of the inverted cone-shaped structure extending into the cervical oesophagus. Following an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, the patient should be instructed to use topical lubricant drops for four to six weeks postoperatively, as the reflex blink will be temporarily impaired. Both early and late reactions were enhanced in the experimental arm, the latter considered to have resulted from a higher incidence of consequential damage. Not only do younger patients commence facial movements more rapidly, they also tend to produce the better results. The anterior branch continues inferiorly to accompany the radial nerve deeply between brachialis and brachioradialis. At the time of the follow-up visit, a full history and examination should be performed and thyroid function tests measured together with the serum thyroglobulin. Simple excision and resuture is unlikely to resolve the problem and a patient must be advised clearly of the limited improvement that may be achieved by scar revision. Tissue expansion as an adjunct to reconstruction of congenital and acquired auricular deformities. Diagnostic methods are discussed later in the chapter under Diagnosis, investigations and staging. Some advocate open partial surgery preferentially in such cases, although Desloge and Zeitels64 suggest that fear of the anterior commissure is simply related to lack of adequate exposure at endoscopy. In this way, any residual disease can be monitored and recurrent disease detected at an early stage. The first supplies the muscles around the mouth and the second supplies the part of the platysma that crosses the mandible and is inserted into the corner of the mouth so that division of either nerve can lead to a weakness of the lower lip. In some cases, although a severe infection or other post-surgical problem has caused loss of the ear cartilage, a satisfactory amount of skin may be available. The virus infects the epithelial cells of the larynx and triggers cell proliferation resulting in a warty growth. Data collection may require perusal of the notes, which are often incomplete, and studies that report different end points are not strictly comparable.