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The vertebral lines o pleural refection parallel the vertebral column, running in the paravertebral planes rom vertebral level T1 through T12, where they become continuous with the costal lines. As long as there is patency of the pulmonary valve and major aortopulmonary collateral vessels cannot be identified arising from the descending aorta by color Doppler mapping, then it is not necessary to define the specific arborization and size of the distal pulmonary vasculature by cardiac catheterization. To prevent recurrence or occurrence on the contralateral side, which is likely, both testes are surgically xed to the scrotal septum. Occasionally, a partly or even ully ossied center may racture and progress to nonunion. An increased number o vertebrae occur more oten in males and a reduced number occurs more requently in emales. This artery parallels and extends the length o the colon close to its mesenteric border. Gross took up the challenge of pioneering the surgical correction of coarctation of the aorta. The knuckles are ormed by the heads o the bones, with the joint plane lying distally. Vertebra L5, distinguished by its massive body and transverse processes, is the largest o all movable vertebrae. The ostomy prevents ecal contents rom going through the anastomosis; thus, i the anastomosis has a small imperection causing a leak, the result is not catastrophic peritonitis. Surgical closure of defects of the interauricular septum by use of an atrial well. The stomach is continuous with the duodenum, which receives the openings o the ducts rom the pancreas and liver, the major glands o the alimentary system. The large intestine consists o the cecum; appendix; ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colon; rectum; and anal canal. Thus when viewed externally the coronary artery may appear to have the "usual" distribution but when viewed internally the distribution is clearly not usual because both ostia arise from the same sinus. True terminal arteries supply the retina, or example, where occlusion will result in blindness. Challenges include the high incidence of stent fracture and the huge variability of the shape and size of the postoperative infundibulum following placement of a transannular patch. The pelvic cavity is continuous with the abdominal cavity at the pelvic inlet, but angulated posteriorly rom it. Pulsations o Aorta and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Because the aorta lies posterior to the pancreas and stomach, a tumor o these organs may transmit pulsations o the aorta that could be mistaken or an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a localized enlargement o the aorta. However, some centers choose to infuse 1 mg/kg of heparin prior to clamp application. The computer is a useul adjunct in teaching regional anatomy because it acilitates learning by allowing interactivity and manipulation o two- and three-dimensional graphic models. Most commonly, the appendix is retrocecal in position, but 32% o the time, it descends into the lesser pelvis. The omentum does not degenerate, however, because o anastomoses with other arteries, such as the omental branches o the let gastro-omental artery, which are still intact. Cessation o sympathetic stimulation allows vasodilation, restoring blood fow to the active bowel. The perineal body is an important structure, especially in women, because it is the nal support o the pelvic viscera, linking muscles that extend across the pelvic outlet, like crossing beams supporting the overlying pelvic diaphragm. The lateral crus attaches to the pubic tubercle, and the medial crus attaches to the pubic crest. The lesser pelvis provides the skeletal ramework or both the pelvic cavity and the perineum, which are separated by the musculoascial pelvic diaphragm. A broad band, the transverse humeral ligament, passes rom the lesser to the greater tubercle o the humerus and converts the intertubercular groove into a canal. There was concern that the increased viscosity of blood at deep hypothermia would result in obstructed microvascular circulation. This arrangement serves as a countercurrent heat exchanger, the warm arterial blood warming the cooler venous blood as it returns to the heart rom a cold limb. Costal elements ormed in association with the ossifcation center o the transverse process usually orm ribs only in the thoracic region. The lumbar trunks descend on the anterolateral aspects o the bodies o the lumbar vertebrae in a groove ormed by the adjacent psoas major.

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The pain o appendicitis usually commences as a vague pain in the peri-umbilical region because aerent pain bers enter the spinal cord at the T10 level. The superfcial (dartos) ascia covering the penis has also been removed to expose the deep dorsal vein in the midline anked by bilateral dorsal arteries and nerves. Cyanosis is especially evident where skin is thin, such as the lips, eyelids, and deep to the transparent nails. Treated Autologous Pericardial Patch Repair Perforated cusps are repaired with a pericardial patch sutured into the Valve Repair and Replacement 399 perforation. The complex disposition o the peritoneal cavity determines the ow and pooling o excess (ascitic) uid occupying the peritoneal cavity during pathological conditions. I violent anterior movement o the vertebra occurs in combination with compression, a vertebra may be displaced anteriorly on the vertebra inerior to it. The hepatic veins are intersegmental, draining the portions o multiple segments adjacent to them. The defect is closed with two layers of continuous 5/0 polypropylene using a single double-ended polypropylene suture. The amount o muscular tissue in the cervix is markedly less than in the body o the uterus. In ventricular brillation, the normal ventricular contractions are replaced by rapid, irregular twitching movements that do not pump. A myotome consists o all muscles or parts o muscles receiving innervation rom one spinal nerve. The facing sinuses in the aorta are labeled from the perspective of an individual standing within the aorta and facing the pulmonary artery. In many instances obstruction occurs at multiple levels and although the degree of obstruction in any one area may not be severe, the combined effect of obstruction at multiple levels is clinically important. Lymph or chyle rom the lacteals o the intestine may also enter the pleural cavity, producing chylothorax. Also passing through the caval opening are terminal branches o the right phrenic nerve and a ew lymphatic vessels on their way rom the liver to the middle phrenic and mediastinal lymph nodes. In the current era, however, the risk of paraplegia is almost certainly much less. The uterus has a trilaminar wall consisting o (1) an inner vascular and secretory endometrium, which undergoes cyclical changes to prepare or implantation to occur and sheds with menstrual ow i it does not; (2) a hormonally stimulated intermediate smooth muscle myometrium, which dilates the cervical canal (exit) and expels the etus during childbirth; and (3) visceral peritoneum (perimetrium), which covers most o the undus and body (except or a bare area abutting the bladder) and continues bilaterally as the broad ligament (mesometrium). The basis o this transition in blood supply is embryological; this is the junction o the oregut and midgut. The crescent-shaped let gland is medial to the superior hal o the let kidney and is related to the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and the let crus o the diaphragm. Location o Femoral Vein the emoral vein is not usually palpable, but its position can be located inerior to the inguinal ligament by eeling the pulsations o the emoral artery, which is immediately lateral to the vein. A number o clinical disorders o epiphyses in children result rom avascular necrosis o unknown etiology (cause). The distal epiphysis o the ulna has ossifed, but all the epiphyseal plates (lines) remain open. Trachea Inflated lung Air Pulmonary Collapse the lungs (more specically, the air sacs that collectively make up the lung) are comparable to an infated balloon when they are distended. Bronchoscopy A bronchoscope is an endoscope or inspecting the interior o the tracheobronchial tree. The anterolateral abdominal wall and several organs lying against the posterior wall are covered on their internal aspects with a serous membrane or peritoneum (serosa) that refects (turns sharply and continues) onto the abdominal viscera (L. This broad band o bers is the shared aponeurosis o the tensor asciae latae and gluteus maximus muscles. Lymphatic vessels rom the middle part o the ureter usually drain into the common iliac lymph nodes, whereas vessels rom its inerior part drain into the common, external, or internal iliac lymph nodes. The long fexor tendons are supplied by small blood vessels that pass within synovial olds (vincula) rom the periosteum o the phalanges. The intermesenteric plexus is part o the aortic plexus o nerves between the superior and the inerior mesenteric arteries. A resection and end-to-end anastomosis is performed as described above with the proximal incision being carried to a point under the retrograde left subclavian flap.

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Because o the consequent pulmonary hypoplasia, the mortality rate in these inants is high (approximately 76%). This condition, called Quervain tenovaginitis stenosans, causes pain in the wrist that radiates proximally to the orearm and distally toward the thumb. The "cocking" o the wrist by the extensors increases the distance over which the fexors o the ngers act, producing the same result as a more complete muscular contraction. Echocardiographic images can lead to an overestimation of the severity of right ventricular outflow tract obstruction if the image plane is through a particularly narrow portion of an otherwise widely patent outflow tract. The triangular shape o the sacrum results rom the rapid decrease in the size o the inerior lateral masses o the sacral vertebrae during development. However, there are no veins accompanying the umbilical arteries between the pelvis and the umbilicus, and the iliolumbar veins rom the iliac ossae o the greater pelvis usually drain into the common iliac veins instead. Although depicted here as continuous channels, the anterior and posterior intercostal veins are separate vessels, normally draining in opposite directions, the tributaries o which communicate (anastomose) in approximately the anterior axillary line. This coronal section demonstrates the internal structure o the emale genital organs. Hence, the joint cavity is L-shaped in a coronal section; the vertical bar o the L is between the radius and ulna, and the horizontal bar is between the ulna and the articular disc. By multivariable analyses, the most common independent factors impacting scores were repair type, perfusion parameters, and gender. Restrictive procedures include the application o xed or adjustable bands externally to the stomach (banding), resectioning o the stomach creating a small pouch or tubular "sleeve," or olding o the stomach onto itsel (undoplication). To test the unction o the suprascapular nerve, which supplies the supraspinatus and inraspinatus, both muscles must be tested as described. One group o glands on each side, the para-urethral glands, are homologs to the prostate. However, open arch surgery is regularly performed today with no apparent deleterious effects as long as air is displaced at the end of the procedure. The location o the intertubercular sulcus or bicipital groove, between the greater and the lesser tubercles, is identiable during fexion and extension o the elbow joint by palpating in an upward direction along the tendon o the long head o the biceps brachii as it moves through the intertubercular groove. Pain rom the parietal pleura is reerred to the cutaneous distribution o the intercostal nerves to the thoracic wall or, in the case o inerior nerves, to the anterior abdominal wall. The dark arrow passes rom the greater sac o the peritoneal cavity (P) through the omental (epiploic) oramen and across the ull extent o the omental bursa (lesser sac). Falls on the eet or buttocks rom a high ladder may drive the head o the emur through the acetabulum into the pelvic cavity, injuring pelvic viscera, nerves, and vessels. However, this information alone should be used rarely to decide appropriateness of surgery. If there is any doubt as to the exact location of the aortic valve, it is helpful to infuse cardioplegia solution briefly. The emale external urethral sphincter is more properly a "urogenital sphincter" (Oelrich, 1983). These branches are usually represented by slender nerves, but the communications are important clinically because even with a complete lesion o the median nerve, some muscles may not be paralyzed. Each lung is surrounded by-but is not inside-a pleural sac, and the abdominal viscera are surrounded by- but are not inside-the peritoneal sac. To test the fexor carpi ulnaris, the person puts the posterior aspect o the orearm and hand on a fat table and is then asked to fex the wrist against resistance while the examiner palpates the muscle and its tendon. Comparison of clinical outcomes and cost between surgical and transcatheter device closure of atrial septal defects in Singapore children. The courses o the axillary and radial nerves and the typical pattern o branching o their motor branches.

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In the thoracic and lumbar regions, each vertebra is encircled on three sides by paired intercostal or lumbar arteries that arise rom the aorta. The thoracic sympathetic trunks are in continuity with the cervical and lumbar sympathetic trunks. Stomach: the stomach is the dilated portion o the alimentary tract between the esophagus and the duodenum, continued on next page 486 Chapter 5 Abdomen the Bottom Line (continued) specialized to accumulate ingested ood and prepare it chemically and mechanically or digestion. The costal lines o pleural reection are sharp continuations o the sternal lines, occurring where the costal pleura becomes continuous with diaphragmatic pleura ineriorly. Most skeletal muscles are attached directly or indirectly to bones, cartilages, ligaments, or ascias or to some combination o these structures. X Site of xiphoid process position o nipples varies considerably with breast size, especially in multiparous women-those who have given birth to two or more children. Great care should be taken to avoid rotation of the ascending aorta when it is cross-clamped. The transition rom the relatively infexible thoracic region to the much more mobile lumbar region occurs abruptly. The more inerior spinal (T1 through Co1) nerves bear the same alphanumeric designation as the vertebrae orming the superior margin o their exit (Table 2. Extensive continuities are required between the parietal and visceral peritoneum to convey the necessary neurovascular structures rom the body wall to the viscera. The heart is drained mainly by veins that empty into the coronary sinus and partly by small veins that empty into the right atrium. Because there are so many other leg veins, removal o the great saphenous vein rarely produces a signicant problem in the lower limb or seriously aects circulation, provided the deep veins are intact. The arm should not be ully abducted; otherwise, the ascia in the axilla will be tense and impede palpation o the humeral head. The relatively unyielding deep ascia investing muscles, and especially that surrounding the ascial compartments in the limbs, limits the outward expansion o the bellies o contracting skeletal muscles. Some muscles are named according to their shape-the piriormis muscle, or example, is pear shaped (L. Injury to Other Parts o Pleurae the pleurae descend inerior to the costal margin in three regions, where an abdominal incision might inadvertently enter a pleural sac: the right part o the inrasternal angle. Because the axillary lymph nodes are arranged and receive lymph (and thereore metastatic breast cancer cells) in a specic order, removing and examining the lymph nodes in that order is important in determining the degree to which the cancer has developed and is likely to have metastasized. The radial nerve then descends inerolaterally with the prounda brachii artery and passes around the humeral shat in the radial groove. Consequently, the articular suraces gradually bow inward so that both the superior and inerior suraces o the vertebrae become increasingly concave. Traditionally, the pelvic ascia has been described as having parietal and visceral components. Not surprisingly, the cranial outfow provides parasympathetic innervation o the head, and the sacral outfow provides the parasympathetic innervation o the pelvic viscera. Bilateral contraction o the iliopsoas muscles initiates fexion o the trunk at the hip on the xed thigh-as when (incorrectly) doing sit-ups-and decreases the lumbar lordosis (curvature) o the vertebral column. A mesentery is a double layer o peritoneum that occurs as a result o the invagination o the peritoneum by an organ and constitutes a continuity o the visceral and parietal peritoneum. If the neonate has an adequate cardiac output but is determined by echocardiography to have structural pulmonary atresia, surgery will definitely be needed. In the neonate, if there is associated underdevelopment of left heart structures, for example mitral valve, left ventricle consideration may need to be given to undertaking a Norwood procedure and embarking on the single-ventricle track. It is unusual to see such a distinct thymus in an adult; usually, it is impressive during puberty but subsequently regresses and becomes largely replaced by at and fbrous tissue. When oreign protein drains rom an inected area, antibodies specic to the protein are produced by immunologically competent cells and/or lymphocytes and dispatched to the inected area. At the hilum (B and D), the root o each lung is surrounded by a pleural sleeve that descends inerior to the root as the pulmonary ligament. In this radiograph, the head o the humerus and the glenoid cavity overlap, obscuring the joint plane because the scapula does not lie in the coronal plane (thereore, the glenoid cavity is oblique, not in a sagittal plane. It is likely to be preferable to use standard ascending aortic cannulation and a single venous cannula inserted through the right atrial appendage. As long as this ligament is intact with the clavicle tethered to the coronoid process, the acromion o the scapula cannot be driven inerior to the clavicle. In this book, including the comments in the tables, the role o each muscle (or o the unctional group o which it is a member) is described in typical activities, especially standing and walking.

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Cutaneous nerves: the cutaneous innervation o the lower limb reects both the original segmental innervation o the skin via separate spinal nerves in its dermatomal pattern and the result o plexus ormation in the distribution o multisegmental peripheral nerves. The median sacral artery, an unpaired parietal branch, may be said to occupy a ourth (posterior) plane because it arises rom the posterior aspect o the aorta just proximal to its biurcation. The vertebrae gradually become larger as the column descends to the sacrum and then become progressively smaller toward the apex o the coccyx. An appropriate retractor is placed in the atrial incision and passes though the tricuspid annulus. The remaining, unsupported vertical trabeculae are less able to resist compression and sustain compression ractures, resulting in short and wedge-shaped thoracic vertebrae. Most o the posterior mediastinum is occupied by structures vertically traversing all or much o the thorax. However, subtotal or partial pancreatectomy is utilized to remove ruptured portions o the pancreas and or the treatment o chronic pancreatitis ater nonsurgical options have ailed. The veins o each pampiniorm plexus converge superiorly, orming a right 5 the testes (testicles) are the male gonads-paired ovoid reproductive glands that produce sperms (spermatozoa) and male hormones, primarily testosterone. Instead, the relaxed wrist assumes a partly fexed position owing to unopposed tonus o fexor muscles and gravity. For growth to continue, the bone ormed rom the primary center in the diaphysis does not use with that ormed rom the secondary centers in the epiphyses until the bone reaches its adult size. Both techniques permit study o the circulation through the unctioning heart and are helpul in the study o congenital cardiac deects. A collagen impregnated woven Dacron patch is used to supplement the annulus though in the smaller child autologous pericardium may be preferred. Danielson and colleagues have had considerable experience with a similar approach to tricuspid valve reconstruction. Diusible solutes and water are transerred between the blood and the peritoneal cavity as a result o concentration gradients between the two fuid compartments. The splenic vein runs parallel and posterior to the tail and body o the pancreas as it runs rom the spleen to the hepatic portal vein. As it exits the muscle and joins the posterior interosseous artery, it may be reerred to as the posterior interosseous nerve. A long-standing jet can result in prolapse of this valve leaflet secondary to the Venturi effect of the jet. The term "vara" or "varus" is a Latin adjective describing any bone or joint in a limb that is deormed so that the distal element (the shat o the emur relative to the emoral neck in this case) deviates toward the midline. Thus, this is not analogous to vascular surgery in an atherosclerotic adult population. The pericardium is a broserous membrane that covers the heart and the beginning o its great vessels. A musculocutaneous nerve injury results in paralysis o the coracobrachialis, biceps, and brachialis. The muscular contraction that increases intra-abdominal pressure also causes the roo o the canal to descend, narrowing the canal as it is simultaneously collapsed anteroposteriorly by the increased internal pressure. In emales, the atty layer o subcutaneous tissue o the perineum makes up the substance o the labia majora and mons pubis and is continuous anteriorly and superiorly with the atty layer o subcutaneous tissue o the abdomen (Camper ascia). The intercostal nerves run a posterior to anterior course along the length o each intercostal space, and the anterior and posterior intercostal arteries and veins converge toward and anastomose in approximately the anterior axillary line. Generally, the 704 Chapter 7 Lower Limb anterior group is innervated by the emoral nerve, the medial group by the obturator nerve, and the posterior group by the tibial portion o the sciatic nerve. Arrowheads, uterine tubes; c, catheter in the cervical canal; vs, vaginal speculum. Superiorly and posteriorly, a thin membrane, part o the brous skeleton o the heart. The adductor part ans out widely or aponeurotic distal attachment along the entire length o the linea aspera o the emur, extending ineriorly onto the medial supracondylar ridge. The sphincter o the pancreatic duct (around the terminal part o the pancreatic duct), the sphincter o the bile duct (choledochal sphincter-around the termination o the bile duct), and the hepatopancreatic sphincter (o Oddi)- around the hepatopancreatic ampulla-are smooth (continued on p.

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On the basis o its attachments and disposition, the serratus posterior inerior was said to depress the inerior ribs, preventing them rom being pulled superiorly by the diaphragm. The bula does not articulate with the emur and thereore does not bear or transer weight. Most o these muscles can aect deep respiration when the pectoral girdle is fxed and account or many o the surace eatures o the thoracic region. In lie, the internal surace o the stomach is covered with a protective layer o mucus, overlying gastric olds that disappear with distension. Motor Innervation o Lower Limb Somatic motor (general somatic eerent) bers traveling in the same mixed peripheral nerves that convey sensory bers to the cutaneous nerves transmit impulses to the muscles o the lower limb. Male Internal Genital Organs the male internal genital organs include the testes, epididymides (singular = epididymis), ductus deerentes (singular = ductus deerens), seminal glands, ejaculatory ducts, prostate, and bulbo-urethral glands. Saliva and small quantities o masticated ood and other fuids drain along the gastric canal to the pyloric canal when the stomach is mostly empty. Schematic illustration o the anatomic arrangement o the two muscular pumps (right and let heart) serving the pulmonary and systemic circulations. When the wrist is fexed at the same time that the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints are fexed, the long fexor muscles o the ngers are operating over a shortened distance between attachments, and the action resulting rom their contraction is consequently weaker. The anuli insert into the smooth, rounded epiphysial rims on the articular suraces o the vertebral bodies ormed by the used anular epiphyses. Late Coronary Problems following the Arterial Switch Procedure In 1996, Bonhoeffer et al. Within the kidney, the renal sinus is occupied by the renal pelvis, calices, vessels, and nerves and a variable amount o at. It is in a unique position not 706 Chapter 7 Lower Limb only to produce movement but to stabilize (xate). The innermost intercostal muscles are similar to the internal intercostals and are essentially their deeper parts. An example is Clavicle Plane Plane joints (usually uniaxial) permit gliding or sliding movements. At this point the membrane is furthest from the valve leaflet tissue and this area is safe with respect to injury to the mitral valve or the conduction system. The at-laden greater omentum, when in its typical position, conceals almost all o the intestine. Fascia, Veins, Lymphatics, Eerent Vessels, and Cutaneous Nerves o Lower Limb 693 Superficial circumflex iliac vein Femoral artery Lateral cutaneous vein Perforating veins Superficial epigastric vein Superficial external pudendal vein Femoral vein Valve of vein Femoral vein Falciform margin of saphenous opening Femoral artery Great saphenous vein Accessory saphenous vein Perforating veins Great saphenous vein Accompanying veins (L. They cross the pelvic outlet like intersecting beams, supporting the perineal body to aid the pelvic diaphragm in supporting the pelvic viscera. Before completion of the suture line on the atrial septal patch, the left heart is filled with saline, and air is vented through the cardioplegic infusion site in the ascending aorta. The anal canal, surrounded by internal and external anal sphincters, descends postero-ineriorly between the anococcygeal ligament and the perineal body. The levator ani is added, suspended rom a thickening in the obturator ascia (the tendinous arch), which extends rom the pubic body to the ischial spine. It is continuous between the penis or scrotum and thighs with the atty layer o subcutaneous tissue o the abdomen. Breast cancer aects approximately 1,000 men per year in the United States (Swartz, 2014). Characteristic eatures o thoracic vertebrae include the ollowing: Bilateral costal acets (demiacets) on the vertebral bodies, usually occurring in inerior and superior pairs, or articulation with the heads o ribs. The right and let lines o reection are thickened into paramedian ascial bands extending rom pubis to coccyx, the tendinous arches o the pelvic ascia. It becomes truly subcutaneous when it pierces the deep ascia proximal to the cubital ossa to course initially with the cephalic vein in the subcutaneous tissue. Parasympathetic stimulation causes contractions o the gallbladder and relaxation o the sphincters at the hepatopancreatic ampulla. The arch o the azygos vein occupies a position corresponding to the aorta on the right side o the trachea (continued on p. Alternatively, a Seldinger-type technique can be used introducing a guide wire into the lumen of the aorta and then threading an introducer and Biomedicus cannula. The embryology of the conotruncal malformations is described in greater detail in Chapter 28, DoubleOutlet Right Ventricle. The external urethral sphincter and deep transverse perineal muscle span the region o the urogenital hiatus, which is closed ineriorly by the perineal membrane extending between the ischiopubic rami.

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With the patient in the right lateral decubitus position (or slightly prone relative to full lateral), the approach is via a left third or fourth, but not fifth interspace thoracotomy incision which is predominantly posterior. The transversalis ascia, internal oblique, and external oblique layers contribute the internal spermatic ascia, cremasteric muscle and ascia, and external spermatic ascia, respectively, to the spermatic cord. The unnamed muscular branches o the radial artery supply muscles in the adjacent (anterolateral) aspects o both the fexor and extensor compartments because the radial artery runs along (and demarcates) the anterolateral boundary between the compartments. When the coracoclavicular ligament tears, the shoulder separates rom the clavicle and alls because o the weight o the upper limb. Medical and Interventional Therapy the neonate who is in extremis within hours of birth requires extremely aggressive resuscitation if there is to be any chance of a successful surgical outcome. A common site or pus to collect is in the right or let subphrenic recess or space. The ischiocavernosus muscles ensheathe the crura, and the bulbospongiosus muscle ensheathes the bulb, its most anterior fbers encircling the most proximal part o the penile body and deep dorsal vessels. These include joints o heads o ribs and costotransverse joints, both strongly supported by multiple ligaments. To relieve both the compression and the resulting symptoms, partial or complete surgical division o the fexor retinaculum, a procedure called carpal tunnel release, may be necessary. Although not a typical movement, except perhaps during calisthenics (systematic body exercises), it is capable o perorming these movements sequentially, moving the acromial end along a circular path-a orm o circumduction. The sternebrae articulate with each other at primary cartilaginous joints (sternal synchondroses). It is somewhat triangular in crosssection, having three suraces and borders: medial, lateral/ interosseous, and posterior. The pleura is in danger here as a pneumothorax may occur, or example, rom an incision in the posterior abdominal wall when surgical procedures expose a kidney or trauma. Thereore, only at these locations can the surgeon selectively section either unctional element or the relie o intractable pain or spastic paralysis (rhizotomy). This relationship o the styloid processes is important in the diagnosis o certain injuries in the wrist region. The same muscles also rotate (advance) the contralateral side o the pelvis orward, concurrent with the swing o its ree limb. The emale urethra (approximately 4 cm long and 6 mm in diameter) passes antero-ineriorly rom the internal urethral orice o the urinary bladder. The hernial sac, composed o peritoneum, is oten covered with only skin and atty subcutaneous tissue, but may occur deep to the muscle. Sensation is blocked in all deep structures o the upper limb, and the skin distal to the middle o the arm. With further progression of vascular disease, pulmonary arterioles become fibrosed and even occluded with thrombus. The special arrangements o the anterolateral abdominal muscles enable them to provide exible containing walls or the abdominal contents, to increase intra-abdominal pressure or decrease abdominal volume or expulsion, and to produce anterior and lateral exion and torsional (rotatory) movements o the trunk. Developmental anomalies of the outflow tracts and aortic arch: toward an understanding of the role of deletions within the 22nd chromosome. The talus and calcaneus occupy the posterior two thirds o the tarsus, or the hindoot, and the cuboid, navicular, and medial, lateral, and intermediate cuneiorms occupy the anterior third, or midoot. The connective tissue coverings that surround and bind the nerve bers and ascicles together. This coronal section o the rectum and anal canal demonstrates the arterial supply and venous drainage.


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The part o the muscle going to the index nger usually separates rom the rest o the muscle relatively early in the distal part o the orearm and is capable o independent contraction. The actions o the brachialis and triceps tend to pull the distal ragment over the proximal ragment, shortening the limb. We therefore use light gauge stainless steel wire to approximate the lower end of the sternum. However, those accompanying the upper part o the cephalic vein terminate in the apical lymph nodes. The main arteries supplying the bladder are branches o the internal iliac arteries (see Table 6. As branches o the mixed spinal nerve, the posterior and anterior rami carry both motor and sensory bers, as do all their subsequent branches. The mesenchymal cells condense and dierentiate into chondroblasts, dividing cells in growing cartilage tissue, thereby orming a cartilaginous bone model. Dissection o the glenohumeral joint in which the joint capsule was sectioned and the joint opened rom its posterior aspect as i it were a book. Postsynaptic sympathetic bers travel rom the lateral aspect o the trunks via gray communicating branches to the anterior rami. Surgical management is indicated if the left to right shunt is calculated to be greater than 1. The deep interosseous veins, which accompany the interosseous arteries, unite with the accompanying veins o the radial and ulnar arteries. The postsynaptic bers rom the prevertebral ganglia orm periarterial plexuses, which ollow branches o the abdominal aorta to reach their destination. However, the needle tip proceeds into the lumen o the subclavian vein almost immediately. The inerior parts o the two deeper anterolateral abdominal muscles arise in relationship to the lateral portion o the inguinal ligament. Anterior to the tuberosity o the cuboid on the lateral and inerior suraces o the bone is a groove or the tendon o the fbularis (peroneus) longus muscle. The innervation, blood vasculature, and lymphatic drainage all relect the posterior abdominal origin o the testes and are, or the main part, independent o the surrounding scrotal sac. He accidentally aspirated a nut (as in "nuts and bolts") and it became lodged in his right intermediate bronchus (arrow). The transverse section o the esophagus shows the double muscular and plicated mucosal layers o its wall. Hyaline cartilage "end plates" cover the superior and inerior suraces o the bodies, surrounded by smooth bony epiphysial rims. Sutures are placed sequentially working in a clockwise direction with great care in the region of the conduction bundle at the posterior and inferior angle of the defect. A semilunar depression in the interatrial septum indicates the foor o the oval ossa. When the massive emoral condyles rest on a horizontal surace, the emur assumes its oblique anatomical position in which the center o the round emoral head lies directly superior to the intercondylar ossa. Secured in its new site, the bular segment restores the blood supply o the bone to which it is now attached. Both eects make it easier or the musculovenous pump (discussed in Chapter 1, Overview and Basic Concepts) to overcome the orce o gravity to return the blood to the heart. Developmental outcome after surgical versus interventional closure of secundum atrial septal defect in children. Furthermore, the person cannot extend the interphalangeal joints when trying to straighten the ngers. The septum primum is a thin membranous flap of tissue which opens into the left atrium, as long as the pressure in the right atrium is higher than the pressure in the left atrium. Surgeons can repair an aneurysm by opening it, inserting a prosthetic grat, and sewing the wall o the aneurysmal aorta over the grat to protect it. The patch serves to bring the ascending aortic diameter closer to the diameter of the proximal neoaorta.