World Flamenco


Flamenco History & Forms

The Art of Flamenco,D.E. Pohren Contains information on Flamenco History, musical forms, cultural background, and terminology.
El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra, by Juan Martin.
Juan Serrano and Jose Elgorriaga, Flamenco, Body and Soul. The Press at California State University, Fresno. Fresno, California 93740.
A Guide to Andalusia, by Penguin Books. Includes coverage of Flamenco with travel information. ISBN 0-670-82139-X.
Rough Guide to Andalucia. ISBN 1-85828-094-X.
Flamenco, by Barbara Thiel-Cramir. Introduction to the people that have contributed to Flamenco around the world.

Printed Music & Tablature

Diego del Gastor Music Tablature - 450 falsetas written in guitar tablature. Book by Evan Harrar.
The Keys to Flamenco Guitar, by Koster. Comes with a cassette that follows each falsetta and lesson.
Paco Pena, Flamenco (for all guitarists), $9.95, Part of a series Guitar Styles. Oxford Univ Press, 1994. This is a fairly elementary book that features 6 solo guitar pieces, sevillanas for two guitars and fandangos for three. One of the solos is a rumba (Curvas) that is reminiscent of Herencia Latina in the
Juan Serrano, Sabor Flamenco (1995), $13.95 Solos, similar in degree of difficulty to Toques Flamenco. This book invites the purchaser to order the recorded version of the solos in the book.
Toques Flamencos by Paco Pena Instructive solos for the advanced player interested in getting into flamenco. He uses his own peculiar notation for rasgueados which, though logical, are only used in this one book, as far as I can tell.
Gendai Guitar Flamenco (4 vols. so far) There are a lot of pretty well transcribed solos of the greats in this series. This does not include the recordings.
Alain Faucher's volume of the music of Ramon Montoya. His cifra transcriptions, available only directly from Faucher, are also excellent, if way expensive.
Flamenco Puro by Joseph Trotter A first class transcription of six of the selections from Sabicas' classic Flamenco Puro recording (available again on the Chant du Monde Sabicas release.)
Flamenco Guitar Solos by Juan Serrano. Cassette optional. Includes music and tablature for Ensuen˜o (petenera for Four Guitars), Sevillanas, Taranto, Fandangos, Bulerias, Tanguillo, Rumba, Bolero, Tientos. Mel Bay Publications, Inc. 1993
Flamenco Concert Selections by Juan Serrano. Cassette optional. Includes Verdiales, Petenera, Zambra, Farruca, Lidia, Seguiriyas, Zapateado, Rumba, Guajiras, Soleares, Buleri´s, and Danzo´.Quote from book Mel Bay Publications, Inc. 1981
Flamenco Guitar Basic Techniques by Juan Serrano. Covers the theory and forms behind sevillanas, farrucas, soleares, Alegri´s, Alegri´as para Baile, Fandangos de Huelva, and Rumba flamenca. Covers use of rasgueado, gulpe and other techniques and has exercies for legatos, arpeggio, and more. Mel Bay Publications, Inc. 1979
Antologia de Musica de La Guittara por Guillermo Gomez, Vol. 1 Flamenco c. 1904. A compilation of original music (with tablature) by Guillermo Gomez. Includes Peteneras, Granadinas, Trianerias, Bulerias, Granadina, Zambra Gitana, Guajiras, Jota, Seguidillas, Sevillanas, Soleares, and Tientos. Ediciones La Guittaria Fina, 1645 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA 95008. 1993
Flamenco Guitar Method for Beginners, a primer leading to "An Introduction to the Flamenco Guitar, by Anita Sheer and Harry Berlow. Covers basic technique including fingering, hand position, picado, rasgeado, and several pieces including Sevillanas, Farruca, and Soleares. CPP/Belwin, Inc., 1972.
An Introduction to the Flamenco Guitar, Anita Sheer and Harry Berlow. Covers Sevillanas, Farruca, Peteneras, Guajiras, Soleares, Alegrias, Fandango de Huelva, Tientos por Zambra, Seguiriyas al Cambio, and Bulerias. CPP/Belwin, Inc., 1964.

Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopaedias
Diccionario Enciclopedico Illustrado del Flamenco, 2-volume set by Jose Blas Vega and Manuel Rios Ruiz 850 big pages, countless color and b&w illustrations and photos, all alphabetically arranged.